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  1. It seems like one of my female seeds is starting to go hermi on me in its 6th week of flowering. I am not completely sure as the plant has no "banana" looking things on it. All it seems to me is the small round objects are coming out of the female pistols.
    Is this what happens when a female plant hermies?

    Also i have just found out about this at the stage they are at. They seem to be very undeveloped as it just recently decidede to go hermi. Is there a big chance my other plants will be pollinated or am i safe until the male flowers develop a little more?

    I could try to take a pic but these things are small
  2. what you describe sounds more like an empty calylix, seed pod, most of our girls do this

    go to my site, (see link below), there is a bunch of pics of males, females & hermies
  3. Thank you very much for your reply only the pistols do not seem to be empty. What exactly is happening with my plant is the pistols with hairs coming out of them that look like raindrops are opening up and inside are very little green and brown spheres. They are somewhat hard.

    I was just wondering if when a female plant turns hermi, will or can the final seed come out of the pistols as they open up?

    Thanks again for your responce
  4. I think you need to post pics
  5. Here are some pics

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  6. that certainly could be keep a close eye on it

    let us know if it opens with flowers, Id isolate that plant if you have others in bud
  7. thanks, but since i only have one flowering room i had to cut it down prematurely.

    I was just wondering if when a male pollinates a female, or in my case female self-pollination, does the pollen from the opened male sack attach to the hairs on a female pistol and then the seed starts to form in the pistol?

    It seems like when i break open a female pistol, there is a very small undeveloped green seed. If i look at a pistol that has already started to crack the speck seems to be a brown/ black seed color as if it is more developed. Is this correct?
  8. yes

    the more you describe the more it looks like its a hermie

    sorryto hear, but it still smokes

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