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  1. Hey everyone, today was the starting of week 4 in flowering. They are really showing bud production now!!! It's amazing! Like my first grow, there have been many surprising events take place in the grow closet lol. One is how slow my lil Mango Kush started out, but when it started flowering it stretched so much in just a week! So much that it's already caught up to my bigger plant. I also thought my Mango Kush was a male for the longest time cuz how slow it grew and it took a lil longer to grow all those hairs. Another thing was I found out my big plant is actually a pure Indica hybrid of some kind. I know it's a hybrid, but it still is growing like a plant that's 100% Indica. I'm thinkin I planted a seed I got from some shit that resembled Hindu Kush a lot. It coulda been the offspring of a certain Hindu Kush breed cuz I know that strain got so many different phenotypes. Anyway, I have to rely on my strain identifying skills to be able to identify a strain lol. For real tho, I am pretty good too. I'm also dealing with bag seeds for now. There are a lot of strains that I can't figure out but there's also a lot of strains that have really distinctive characteristics. I'm sure we all know that tho lol... Here's a couple pics!!!

    I will be updating my journal soon too!
    These last 2 are of my huge Indica. Well big for an Indica lol it just got over 2 ft the other day!
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  2. What kinda lights? Soil? Nutes? Pot?

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  3. I got a 45w full spec LED grow light w/ two 16w LED Bright Stiks and also a 2600 lumens CFL that's 40w lol. Nothin special but it's gettin the job done! I'm using FoxFarm Happy Frog soil in 5 gallon pots. I've used VERY LITTLE NUTRIENTS lol thru their whole life, just every other week in vegetation I sprayed em with some Bush Doc Flowers Kiss and like twice at the starting of flowering. Three weeks in I fed em a bloom booster called Jobe's Organics 2-7-4. The ratio for the flowers kiss is 1.0-0.30-0.05. It's a simple setup that isn't letting me down lol I'm actually proud of myself cuz I built it and accomplished something I can see my work in!!!
  4. Good size plants for the amount of wattage you have. I'm hoping to grow 2-3 small plants with 2 45 watt full spec leds. Would really like to upgrade to a mars 300 but worried about the heat inside the 30 gallon container I'm using to grow in
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  5. You've, definitely turned the corner! lol Your plants look nice and healthy. They're a little lanky because the more plants you flower, the more wattage you need to force them to all grow and produce at optimal levels. Light distance also plays a big role in height. But they look really good. Congrats!! TWW
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  6. Cool, thanks! As a beginner grower and young man just starting his life out, I of course ran into a few problems with this grow too lol. The main thing was my big bushy Indica's roots ran out of room! The pot she was in turned out to be too small. I thought it was 5 gallons like the other but was only like 3 lol. It's all good tho, I'll also be upgrading my lighting as well when I'm done with this one. I found out I'm not growing Mango Kush either. It's really similar to Vanilla Kush I noticed
  7. Thanks man! Got a lil bad news tho, my bushy girl's roots ran out of room. That pot turned out to be less than 5 gallons but it's cool. My skinny girl seems to be thriving, well as much as she can under one grow light lol. I'm about to do another update too. I'm not growing Mango Kush either lol. After so much research about different Kush strains and after repetitive recollection of how the buds I got seeds from were, I found out if I'm not growing Vanilla Kush, I'm growing something very similar to that strain. My plant is forming just like it, and the buds I got seeds from smelled super sweet, kinda like vanilla cappuccino but also had a hint of citrus. Come to find out Vanilla Kush got a hint of citrus too. That citrus smell is what made me think it was Mango, and thought the sweet smell was there cuz the plant got seeded lol
  8. You're a lot better than most then. Out of literally thousands of so-called cross bred "strains" - (and I use that term very loosely) out there I'm pretty sure at best anything you come up with would just be a wild guess.

    Not that it even matters.

  9. Lol when it comes down to it yeah it is a wild guess. But I study it real good, look at all the colors, get a good smell n taste and see how the effects are. Most of the time I can figure out the main genetics but rarely am able to say what strain it is exactly. Like my plant, I was calling it Mango Kush forever then realized its probly something like Vanilla Kush x Sweet Tooth or somethin like that. She resembles phenotypes from both of those more than anything else. I'm glad this strain that's here now came with a name lol, Gelato! I got a seed from it too!

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