Quick update on my outdoor grow - pre-flowering!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SmokeMB, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Thanks pog! Yeah, she smells beautiful. Very herbal as opposed to skunky, same with my dwarf. I love to stick my face in them and absorb the aroma!
  2. How the hell did you get your auto so big ?! :O
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    You mean my smaller of the two plants? Well she's only about 2 ft tall? Isn't that normal for an auto?
  4. LOL sounds nice. What kind of trichs you goin to harvest? Im goin for 70% amber.
    I like to be stuck to the couch.
  5. 2ft is about max for an Auto so well done again!!

  6. Not really sure yet. I like both energetic and couch-locking highs for different reasons, so maybe I'll take some off early? I'll have to contemplate :D

  7. Thanks for the tip. I'll leave the small stuff then :smoking:

  8. Thanks! Yeah, I'm thinking its a hybrid too. It sure is unique looking!

  9. You got it! :D

    Its gloomy, rainy, and over-cast today - and the fucking mosquitoes are out to KILL! They make working in the garden a bitch - little bastards! :mad::mad::mad:

    Tomorrow its supposed to be dry and sunny, so I'll post some more pics of the ladies around mid-day once they've had a chance to soak up some sun, and hopefully will be lookin mighty perky. Today, they're a little bit droopy - lots of rain here the past 24 hours and no sun :(
  10. At least your getting some sun, here in Ireland we have rain 1 in every 3 hrs.
    Im thinking of building some kind of cover for my girls cos they will soon be ruined.
    Mosquitoes!!! And I think we have it bad with midges LOL

    Looking forward tom seeing some pics:wave:
  11. Woah! I didn't know you were in Ireland! How cool! I wonder how growing on the emerald isle differs from growing here in the Great Lakes Region in the United States.

    Just so you know, Ireland is top 5 places on my list to go to before I die. Where abouts in Ireland are you located?
  12. Id say if differs a lot 8) Very unpredictable weather, had to have my girls in a mini-greehouse in the mountains, and when they out grew it they got hammered out in the elements. Ill be lucky to get half a key of my 22 plants that are still goin. Not too mention the slugs, deer and sheep. Grrrr The things ill do differently next year.

    In the south of Ireland, county Tipperary.
    Can I ask why you would like Ireland?
    We have nothing here, only history. And drink.
  13. So true :eek:
  14. very nice plants they look beautiful bro and Kudos to you for the use of Botanicare very good Quality Products. I cant wait to see them in Full Bloom there going to look Amazing might try sum Liquid Karma maybe even a lil Super Thrive Both Excellent Products wont b that expensive for jst two plants.

  15. Can you tell me specifically what those products do? I am interested!
  16. well the Liquid Karma is considered a supplement its a all natural plant growth stimulant its made by Botanicare its a .1-.1-.5 u use it through the whole grow it contains active organic compounds that r absorbed immediatly and act as regulatory signals, activators, or catalyst to produce synchronized and accelerated growth. superthrive is like a bunch of vitamins and Hormones for the plant jst giving it that lil extra . i hope that helps any other questions fell free to ask i havent been on GC that lng nor have i been Growing that lng but i know what im doing for the most part
  17. some good looking bushes keep it up..
  18. Update. My auto is DENSE with bud sites!




    My tall girl, since being transplanted into a bigger container, is showing some SERIOUS growth! It hasn't even been a week since the transplant, and already all tops are getting taller!




  19. :wave: NICE :yummy:

    Keep up the good work my friend.

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