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Discussion in 'General' started by antwanp, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Canada is invading the US! :smoking: :rolleyes:


    Heh... All Hail our new Canadian overlords!
    -Antwan L.
  2. hahaha. awesome.
  3. I got my sawed off pistol grip 12 guage waiting on their asses.

    Haha. Leave us stoners alone!
  4. I Am Canadian, and Crazy as shit.
  5. That's RCMP, they're not even close to military...

    booya for american ignorace!
  6. <3 photoshop

  7. We all know that... it's just a bad photochopped picture.

    -Antwan L.
  8. Lol All 37 Of Em!!!
  9. wait...you mean the canadian army doesn't really look like that? did i just say canadian army?? lol damn i'm stoned. hooray for mounties!
  10. I can't fathom a reason why Canada would actually *want* to invade the US :p
  11. But seriously, we USAs military as far as weaponry goes is the greatest out there, we fall short of infantry to china(they have like a million troops more then us) but honesty let me put it this way

    Canada-55,000 active troops
    America- 1,500,000~ active troops

    thats what i call RAPE

    did i mention America has an extra 1.5million troops in reserve?
  12. ROTFLMFAO!! I swear, I must have been high all day... no, I didn't realize it was a photoshop pic! I've been watching fox news for hours looking for this story!! :D :D :D
  13. Between the fact that we've waged two wars in the very recent past and have spread ourselves thin throught the globe, there isn't a huge military to call up on. That, and we can't even eliminate a completely unorganized non-military that lacks any decent weapons in a country way smaller than Canada. I'm not saying that our military sucks, because it is pretty good, I'm just saying that I don't think we're the military superpower that many American's think, especially given that weapons and technology have become cheaper and it seems like everyone's got nukes these days. I'm just afraid, honestly, that we've gotten too big for our britches and it's going to come crashing down because we can't defend ourselves against everyone. Not in the immediate future, but at some point.

    I also think it's sad that we have to have 1.5M troops. What does that say about the US?

    // edit

    Even our gov't though we'd be able to just wave a magic wand and our awesome military would just be able to crush Iraq within a very short amount of time. Heh. But it turns out that a bullet is a bullet, and a man is a man, and it doesn't really matter which side your on, except our side has laser guided missles. :grins:
  14. Lol nukes, wait you DO know we have nukes hanging out our ass? yes in this modern age they mean everything, but america cant use them first because there to powerful and nuclear particles will float to surrounding countries...but if we did get hit that country would be whiped off the face of the earth(With our current president anyway)

    Im not praiseing america though, im scared as shit and want to run to canada because iran hates us and so does north korea, china im scared as shit of and im certain war will happen between the US and all those countries within 10years of now, it will be WW3 the nuclear war and it will hurt MANY innocent people and many will be drafted.

    Oh and my grandmother has me freaked about the US's economy collapseing within the next 2 years
  15. (Damn that was weird! You must have edited while I was reading your post because when I clicked the quote button, shit changed!)

    I don't think the US was prepared for the rush of black market weaponry and technology coming from the fall of the Soviet Union. :cool:

  16. Well said Joint! Rep +

    But guys, the reality is, it would take a helluva lot for the US and Canada to go to war. The US has more in common with Canada than any other country (okay, well maybe a tie with UK)

    Not to mention that if the US ever beefed with Canada, you'd have the entire UN knocking on America's front door. That's not to say U.S. would be fucked (far from it), but even though the UN is slow and reluctant to rouse, Canada is one of the top players in the UN and the UN is very powerful when it needs to be.
  17. Oh yeah, I think we have more nukes than anybody. There used to be only 5 nuclear capable countries, and those five were given a special power in the UN becuase, well, they had nukes and could pwn anyone. But now that more and more countries either have bought them, developed nuclear power, or are currently trying to develop them, it's a scary thought.

    You're right on the ball with the countries, p13. N. Korea and Iran hate the shit out of us, and China, while financially dependant on us (more or less) has come a really long way and I do believe will be the next superpower, assuming something strange doesn't happen.

    I'm not sure if our next war will be nuclear or not. It seems like now they're just status symbols, although as more and more countries get them who knows what will happen. It's a scary thought, hopefully everyone having them will sort of balance out.


    I edit my posts a lot. I find it's easier than typing another one if no one has replied benieth me.

    Also R_M, either I've gone insane and forgot that I knew that fact, of you've accidentally included your own text in my quote. You might want to change that or people are going to think I thought that up, when credit should be yours:

  18. I agree totally. +rep for sure bro.
  19. Lmao! you know what i call rape? the amount of soldiers that were killed in there invasion..and Canada is in that shit now too, not as much..but we're there.

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