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  1. Ive just started the veg state on my first grow, and been looking for info on where/how to cut when trimming/topping/fiming or whatever..Everything i found just led to a guide on some dead site... I dont wanna end up kililng my plant because i dont know what im doing, so ive included my little artists rendition of a plant..just wanna know should i be cutting at 1, 2 or 3? thanks

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  2. none of those. you wanna cut the new growth that would be coming up in the center. as low as you can down to the bottom of the new groth there would be topping, slightly above that would be fimming.
  3. No problem. I hope I described it well enough for you... like, basically between your established leaves you see the new ones coming up in the middle almost like straight up.. when the leafs are still like a leaf bud... if you gently pull back the last established leaves you can see to the bottom of that leaf bud, the bottom of it should be right on top of the last node... cutting here will be topping and will cause the plant to develop two new colas, cutting just a tiny bit above that.. leaving maybe 20% of that little leaf bud at the bottom is fimming (fuck i missed) and could result in 4 or more colas, but it doesn't always work. however, i think you'll still get atleast 2 out of it. you should also try LSTing. have you read about that yet?
  4. thanks man, you helped me out a ton there. I spent such a long time trying to find that info XD..
    Yea i do plan on LSTing. I have a the little 3 step guide i found on this site somwhere so i will working with that..I pretty much have no choice since my growing space is about as small as you can get..I think i have just under 2 feet of height to work with with from the top of my pot to the height the lights will reach inside. Hopefully i will be able to do it without snaping any stems lol
  5. Amazing. After all I've read up on fimming I never knew that is what it stands for. I even read this really long article somewhere that was supposed to be the definitive history of FIM, about some guy in South Carolina invented it mostly by accident and on and on, and that article even said no one knows what FIM means.

    Maybe your screename should be FimmingHero.
  6. My growbox limits me to 24 inches of vertical space so I'm used to training my plants to stay short with LST. I'm going to test my abilities this fall when I try to grow some lanky sativas. Right now, I've got indicas in the garden.
    The first pic is my WWxBB on day 18. It was tied down to stimulate secondary growth so I could cut some clones.
    The 2nd pic is 12 days later AFTER 6 main branches were taken as clones. It still has lots of bud sites. A little pipe cleaner training will even out the canopy and help fill available space.
    The 3rd pic is my last grow showing the canopy that has been LSTd with pipe cleaners.

    I drilled several holes around the top edge of my pots so I can tie off the plants in any direction. Pipe cleaners are also quick & easy to adjust.

    I was following your info about FIM. I'm going to give it a try and see if I can make it work. I haven't topped any of my plants during the last 3 grows but the FIM looks like it could make lots of pretty bud sites.
    Thanks guys. Grow big.
    Rev :cool:

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  7. i just fimmed 2 days ago...waiting on results. in how much time would i see sprouts? im scared that it wont work.
  8. Fimming = Cutting the very top growth bulb 80% off (not completely off) This slows vertical growth and promotes side branching.

    Topping = cutting the very top growth bulb completely off, this promotes side branching and forms a Y in the main stem so you will have 2 tops of the plant.

    There is more than enough topics on all of this on this forum, i myself have explained it and posted pictures in at least 5 threads.
  9. That's how it happened. He said he wanted to name it FIM. Fuck I missed.
  10. Great name, I love it!!

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