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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oldgrayhair, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Thought these may be of use to some of the CFL growers here. They are the lighting kits that go on the bottom of ceiling fans. With 3-4 sockets, and ultra easy wiring, plus low cost, thought they could save some folks a bit of time.

    Here's one, holds 4 lights at up to 60watts each, so perfect for 4 CFL's. Plus great angles for lighting.


    Hope it helps someone, just thought I'd share.

    Peace, OGH
  2. Good idea!. I'm using three-light bathroom light fixtures...you know the kind that most folks use those ball-bulbs in. They're around $10. It's a lot of fun to wander the isles of the depot trying to find alternate uses for the goodies there.
  3. Ahh, thats what that dealio is holding your CFLs on the side of the Rubbermaid! I couldn't figure it out, but now that you mention what they are...good idea. Hell, I just threw one away last month as I was replacing fixtures in the house...never crossed my mind.

    I noticed in your gallery you have some outdoor goodies going on. Are those the ones you started in the rubbermaid? I've never done outdoor here in Fl...a bit paranoid...but finally have some space I think I'd like to try for flowering down the road. Can you flower year round here?

    Peace, sorry for all the ?'s

  4. Great post, Oldgrayhair and thanks.

    It's quite interesting to see how this new technology is helping growers with new possibilities.

    It's easy to look down your nose at compact fluro's but just lately they have gotten bigger and meaner.

    Not much heat, very efficient and they are cool in many ways and as your post shows, it's easy to get holders that are quite acrobatic and bendable :)

    I'm not sure they're quite up to being used in a flowering situation, yet, but it could be getting close.

    In the meantime they are a cheap bright and useful light for the vegetation stage !!

    I might have to throw away my 4ft grolux tubes :eek:
  5. Cool beans, another cracker (?)

    I actually started one seed that I found in a bud that my son gave me from his first Hydro grow outside this March. That plant has been growing outside ever since and is (I hope) nearing maturity. When it was growing about 2 months and I noticed female preflowers, I took cuttings to increase my harvest. I built my grow box primarily to vegetate the cuttings and then put them out to flower and finish. This is my first grow ever so I'm not sure I can flower outside during the winter. The temps will be okay (I'm in way south florida...growing zone 10) but I'm not sure about the light. I do intend to turn part of my bar into a flowering chamber in the next month or so, using basically the same stuff as I put in my box.

    I hear you about being paranoid. When the plants were little it wasn't a problem hiding them among the peas and such in the garden, but once they've gotten some size, especially the original that is growing straight is obvious as hell. I do have the outdoor plants in containers (10" pots and 5 gal. buckets) but I have had to dig a hole to set the bucket in to keep the plant below the top of my privacy fence.

    I had a major scare the other week when I noticed a sheriff's helicopter buzzing around. I set up a shade cloth shanty to hide my two bigger plants from aerial view. The two that are LST'd are compact enough that (I think) they won't attract attention.

  6. click the link in my sig and look what i'm doing with 4 23watt cfls.
  7. Nice job on the cabinet...I should have gone bigger when I first started, so now I'm just going to have to build an addition.

    I'm glad to know that you can get decent buds using CFLs, I won't be as anxious when I actually try flowering indoors.

    My set up uses six CFL bulbs 23W Soft White and 27W Daylight and a 70W HPS security light. It grows beautiful plants but I haven't tried making buds yet.

  8. thanks. after reading so many snobby posts bashing the use of cfl's and saying how they were absolutely useless, i decided i wanted to use them. i added another 23 watt cfl and that'll probably be it for the rest of the grow.
  9. Thanks Vertexx, low tech is sometimes just as consuming as the high tech approach. I like to think if ever popped, there should be like lighter penalties if you are low teching it :D

    Lol, yeah OldSkool, another cracker trying to do my part in keeping Florida green. I think the copter flying over would have had me in a prone position looking like a panicking fool! Best of luck with your ladies.

    Nice grow with 4 cfl's fearthebug, not to mention the excellent story telling. Looks like you are going to enjoy some nice stickiness in the coming months.

    Do you guys think a 3-6 cfl set-up would do well for little dedicated "mother box" ? I'm likely ordering a HPS for the flowering as I have a nice space getting set-up that should allow this. But would love to save a few bucks on electric while keeping a momma happy for cuttings.

    Peace, OGH
  10. Absolutely. I have a hard time keeping my plants small enough to stay in the box. That has been the deciding factor in when I set my clones out to flower. LST, regular trimming and a small pot should keep the mother down to size so she won't out grow her home.

  11. Sounds like a plan then on the CFLs for momma.

    How do some of you guys go about this as far as a scheduled grow thing. Meaning, I'm trying to decide if I just attempt to max the closet out for one grow, then tear down and pack away and count my lucky stars....Or attempt to keep it going year round. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I could take the "always being on edge" all year.

    My thinking is setting up something to keep a fresh supply of personal bud around all the time would yield the same as just maxing the space out for 3-4 months. I'd be good for a year or more either way....but I'm feeling there would be less personal stress in the one shot deals.


  12. Oh yes, stress and paranoia..

    Thre's nothing like the feeling of relief one gets when everything is picked and all is put away for a few months...Ahhhh

    ..and being all relaxed when turning into your street not having to check out any "strange" vehicles that may or may not be parked near the driveway.

    Yes, oldgrayhair, there's certainly a good case for "one shot deals" :)
  13. thanks man. right now, it's a cheap set up. they outgrew the cabinet, so i have them sitting on the floor in a closet with the lights hanging above them being held to the right level by a lot of tape.

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