Quick survey! How many of you smoke tobacco/cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by PeruvianDank, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. 1)Do you smoke cannabis only, cannabis and tobacco, or just tobacco?

    2)what brand of tobacco do you smoke, and what is your favorite method of delivery (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snus, shisha, etc)?

    Don't forget to vote in the poll.
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    You forgot the poll... and im peruvian to peru ftw.

    I smoke cannabis wraped in tobacco... I don't smoke tobacco/cigarettes but if one is handed to me i dont mind smoking it.
  3. I smoke American Spirits and cigars.
  4. Nah i don't smoke tobacco, only weed.
  5. jsut quit thanks to lent :)
  6. Tend to smoke stoges at college, when drinking , and with fine babes. My cig of choice is the Marlboro 27 blend yee.
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    i smoke tobacco blunt wraps, and the occasional cigar, but nothing beyond that
    edit: also shisha when a hookah is out
  8. fuk tobacco. shits wack
  9. Weed is all I need. :smoke:
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    I smoke a pack and a half of marlboro menthol or "ciggys for less" brand a day.
  11. Tobacco Free Here

    I try and think of the 20ft around me as a tobacco free zone.
  12. cannabis, yes.
    tobacco, yes. belmont cigarettes, usually while drunk.

  13. other than the rare blunt only cannabis. so i voted only cannabis.
  14. A woodtip black n mild on occasion, or a philly blunt. But I don't smoke them regularly. Maybe once on the weekend when I'm with friends.
  15. 1. I smoke cannabis pure.bowls, hemp papes. NO BLUNTS

    2. I smoke 1-3 packs a week depending on my mood. I almost never buy the same brand twice. They get boring.

    3. I use swedish snus to help me smoke less cigs.
  16. i smoke between one and two packs of old golds a day.

    sometimes i buy marlboro full flavor if i feel like i've got money to throw away.
  17. Depends on what I want

    It varies

    But either Marlboro reds/ 27's

    Or Newport's

    I love a nice cigarette after getting baked
  18. Only Ganga for me fuck cigs
  19. Both cigarettes and weed, mostly weed though, i'll only smoke like 1-2 cigarettes a day, more if i'm drunk. I try to buy the cheapest cigarettes possible, i've been smoking studio's and there pretty good. I haven't tried all the brands though.
  20. I smoke both. Menthol cigs. I smoke a pack a day if I don't try to pace myself.

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