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  1. Now, after being a member of this site for several years, I've noticed that there are quite a few threads made solely for the purpose of seeking legal advice. My suggestion is that we create a forum designed to work as a resource where blades can get advice and information on what to do in cannabis related (or hell, any) legal situation. I feel this would be a nice addition to the city. I'm high.
  2. I think this would be a great idea, except it would be filled with misinformation.

    A sticky on the otherhand i could see as much more productive(is that the right word?), I do beleive there is a thread in AT that is the complete guide to dealing with the police and the OP seems to have substantial legal knowledge,sticky maybe?

  3. Good suggestion. I just think there needs to be SOME reliable resource on legal matters here in the city =/
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    I agree BUT...

    Only if the GC forum admin can secure the services from a legit cannabis related Attorney. Which I doubt seriously would happen. This is just my opinion here so spare me any attitude for saying this but, if someone is in trouble then they need to seek out legal assistance on their own through an appropriate legal source (attorney, legal aid etc) in their area and not on a forum unless that forum is dedicated to legal services/aid that provides advice of such via legit lawyers or paralegals and with that said, there are legal forums on the web but they all post a disclaimer for obvious liability reasons. Including many that I have found that say something to the effect of "we can put you in contact with an attorney in your area" or "this is not intended to be legal advice for the purpose of litigation" and so on. There are also many liability issues that go along with providing legal advice such as, the person proceeding on their own with that particular or any advice in order to seek relief from their original legal problem/issue. Then, if it does not go on their favor or they are found to liable, then GC could/may be held liable. I think that providing legal advice or aid on here is well beyond what the forum is designed for. Even though it is a good idea, its just the wrong forum. Let's say that an aircraft enthusiasts related forum started giving out advice on how to fly aircraft, then an individual actually went out and put that "advice" to use and crashed. The liability issues are endless. Just my .02 worth.


  5. Touche, you provide a very compelling (and damning) argument. I hereby withdraw a flawed concept and bid you adieu :D

    *Yay for french lessons :p*
  6. You are a person of reason and deserving respect.

  7. Great post!

    Couldn't have said it better, myself. :)

    @ OP - Thanks for understanding why we cannot have a legal advice forum.
  8. Hmmm... at the very least, maybe the staff could take the time to find some reliable legal sources on the net about cannabis and sticky them in the activism forum?

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