Quick SSV/Vaporbonging question

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  1. Will any type of bong work for this? Or do you need a certain size or type of female piece on the bong?

  2. I'm pretty sure you need a 18mm downstem to fit perfectly with the hose.  But I also don't see why you couldn't just hold the glass mouthpiece up to your female.   
  3. If the hose is the same as the DBV(I believe it is) than it will fit nicely in a 14mm joint. They also sell adaptors on sites like aqua lab that should fit.
  4. I would highly suggest buying an adapter like the guy above me said.
    ya you can vaporbong without one but its soo much more convenient to have one.
    I disagree, then you have to have two sizes for both bong sizes (if you have more than one size) and it's more glass to worry about.
  6. Well I guess it has to do with persinal preference but for me i dont like having to sit there and hold the tube into the bong or whatever water pipe I'm holding, my adapter broke for a little while (my friend dropped it on concrete lol) and I vapor bonged without it and for me there was definately a difference in convenience.
    And who says you have to have two sizes in the first place, The grand majority of people have one maybe two pieces (I know there are still many people with many pieces im just saying most smokers have like 1-2). so just get the piece of glass that fits your piece and you can also purchase an expander/reducer and just use the one piece on anything. Again that does add more glass to worry about but personally keeping track of two small pieces of glass is no hassle at all for me, but in a situation where it would be a hassle than my opinion would likely change on the matter.
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