QUICK! spider mites and white flys in budding plant!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GhengisChron, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. not many, just a few, but that means its time to do something fast.

    my plant is 3 weeks into budding, tons of crystals, all that. so i'm going to be smoking it soon. white widow crossed with some funky potent stuff

    i read the sticky, but i dont know if i should spray the pesticides on, or water it with the pesticides in the water. and will the chemicals listed in the sticky for the spider mites also take care of the white flys?

    if anybody could help real quick, that would be awsome!

  2. only 3 weeks in budding you have time to treat this, if not treated you know the story

    mites or whiteflies arent really affected by systemic treatments

    use neem oil & a few drops of dishsoap spray the plants, undersides of leaves in particular, spray every 3 days for 9 days to treat the hatching eggs

    Neem oil is a terriffic product ,will dispense with most bug , mould & disease issues...... its safe , it beaks down biologically by exposure to sunlight, wind and humidity with absolutely no adverse effects to the environment.

    if your not too infested you can also try 4-5 ciggaretts boiled in 1 qt of water and spray the plants, the tobacco spray kills on contact, & you can rinse the tobacco off the plant off minutes afterwards....again spray every 3 days

    both of these teatments will also deal with your whitefiles............... just be vigilant
  3. where can i find neem oil? target? walmart?
  4. most any garden center I think wally world carries it , hydro shops & ebay for sure

    get this strength many others are diluted and arent as effective

  5. I recently noticed that lowes is carrying neem oil (at least my local one is) its not the same brand as pictured above but the concentration is the same,

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