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  1. I have a Humbolt Seeds Blue Dream seed, that i germed in paper towels. Anyways i transfered it into a solo cup of Fox Farms Light Warrior once the tap root showed. My question is: How long do i wait to add nutes? Im running the General Organics Go Box, what nutes should i start feeding with when i start? I know the Ocean Forest is good for about 3 weeks, but im new with seeds and Light Warrior. Thanks in advance!!! Rep+
  2. Forgot to add she showed yesterday, 2 day after putting the bean in soil. that was on Thurday. Today(sunday), is the 4th day its been in the soil.
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  5. I'd say wait a week too two weeks to add nutrients. then start feeding at half strength according to the feeding chart for what it says to add at week two or three.
  6. The feeding chart is on the side of the GO box

  7. Some soil has nutes in it. Just like Ocean Forest like i said in my post, u hafta wait a couple weeks to feed. Nice observation though!

  8. Thats what i was thinkin, waiting a week. That would be tomarrow. Thanks for actually helping with the question!
  9. Wait atleast 2 weeks man. The soil has enough nutes in it to probly be good for even a month, don't give it any nutes till you atleast have three nodes of growth. At this point it's just a sprout and you'll kill it if you feed this early.
  10. How is the growth looking? how many nodes has it grown?
  11. its about 3 inches tall, and has just the 4 leaves ontop. shes growin fine though, tomarrows day 7 in the Light Warrior, day 5 since showing.
  12. Actually my bad. only day 5 in the Light Warrior, Day 3 since showing
  13. I was curious and checked the Fox Farms site. its says wait 5 days for Light Warrior. Not sayin ur wrong cuz i dont know, but the Light Warrior seems hella light to have that much nutes. Its almost dusty.
  14. If your determined to nute then go real light to start like 1/8%. Iv'e never used light warrior just ocean forest and i usually wait till they show they need it usually around 3 1/2 weeks. Good Luck man.
  15. Do u put ur beans directly into only Ocean Forest? How does it work? Always heard and read its too hot for the bean.
  16. Well i germ first same as you with the paper towel. then put them in a mixture of 80% FFOF and 20%perlite. Iv'e always had great results when using it.

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