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Quick smoking question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wavesurfer, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. If i smoke in my bedroom usin a bong/pipe anythin but joints/blunts n blow my hits at the fan while i have the fan turned to exhaust how well do u think it would to keep the smell out. Just wonderin you guys n please keep the trollin to a minimum

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  2. you should be good bruh.

    make sure to cover the hole under the door.

    shirt/towel. works fine.
  3. Alrite goodlooks n how effective is the towel under door method
  4. Febreeze air effects!

    If you have it spray some, better safe than sorry.
  5. Blowing into a fan pointed at the window isn't going to work very well unless it's a powerful fan. It's better to physically blow your bong hits out the window, preferably to the side a bit too so that they can't just blow right back in.

    I got caught a couple times in the dorms at college for being careless smoking in the room. You never know where a stray whiff will end up when the breeze picks up, and a towel under the door does nothing since smoke rises.

    Do yourself a favor before next time and make a sploof. That's the only way you can be sure you aren't being smelled with smoking since the hits you exhale through it will be 'cleaned'.

    Or better yet pick up a vaporizer when you can rustle together the money. It will solve all your problems, or at least everything related to stealth.
  6. i just smoke in my room and bow towards the windows and the smell leaves in around 20 mins, especially if you have a fan

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