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Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Okay well I got 2g of some killer shrooms, my dealer eats a LOT of mushrooms and he says he trips balls off of a half eighth of these. Anyways I'm eating them this evening and I was wondering..could I cook up a frozen pizza, and when it's done break up the shrooms and place them on the pizza and eat it? Or would eating so much food with the shrooms make it harder for them to work or kick in? Thanks.
  2. It might lessen the effect a small bit and take a bit longer to hit you, but if they are as good as your hook says they are, it shouldn't matter too much. Plus you get to eat a pizza!
  3. well 1 if u really cant eat them straight make sure the pizza cools down below 100 degrees before placing shrooms on it it has chance (im not 10000% positive that heat kills the physedelic effects of shrroms) but from what i heard it does and i wouldnt chance it ..

    and eating shrroms w/ pizza will lessen effects because u will have more food in your stomach .. i always eat alot in morning (food) then small lunch and a tinnny as dinner and then dont eat next day and after i take my dump then i eat the shrroms on my empty stomach and always get great results .. try to put it on a smaller thing like a peanutbutter sandwitch .. and if u can drink like 5 shots of vodka and 2 bowls on the upcomming =D best time ever mang!! ENJOY YOUR SHROOMAGE!
  4. Thanks for the replies...I think I'll just eat them straight...and I have a 30 case of beer and an eighth of dank nugs to go along with them for the night, not going out or doing much but it should still be a hell of a time, I'm making some killer playlists on Itunes right now. :D
  5. Have fun! :smoke:

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