quick, should i take a xanax?

Discussion in 'General' started by HumanTorch, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. i just got a xanax bar from a friend that was prescribe to his dog....
    should i take this shit tonight
    should i smoke too
    can i drink too
    thanks for quick advice
  2. yea take it and smoke some bowls, great buzz

    but dont drink more then a a beer or 2 cuz you will blackout
  3. i wouldnt drink, but that's just me. Maybe just have one or 2 like OnDrugz said. Smoke a couple bowls and just chill......
  4. Wait, for his dog?

    My mom was a Vet. Sometimes dog meds and human meds can be totally different, and can really hurt you.

    I'd advise against it.
  5. Yeah man....If its for a dog id do some more research on the pill..
    try googling any wording or symbols on it
  6. Give the pill to your friends dog and smoke a bowl with him.
  7. there ya go:smoke:
  8. Is that srh spade on your back? Fuckin sweet.

  9. my dogs to stressed, he need pills..............................................................:eek:

    thats absurd that dog realy only needs
    space to roam

    its a dog !

  10. my male dog needs bitches....if he doesnt find another dog to hump he either humps the female dog who cant reproduce, or my foot, or my bed post, or the legs to a table...dude my dog humps EVERYTHING...its hilarious, till you clean it up, then its fucking gross...

    as for dog pills...uhh..WHAT THE FUCK...maybe im just high, but i dont see a reason a dog needs a xannax...i mean what the fuck, does the dog have issues with his mom not letting him in on the breast feeding as much as the others...
  11. If it's straight up xanax even if it's for a dog it shouldn't matter, and like they said, don't drink to much with it.
  12. when my dog had surgery for something wrong with hisbreathing, the vet gave me a prescription for vicodin for the dog. It was from CVS and was the generic of the real stuff. The dog had a ton for a while so i took a few and was A ok :).

    read the bottle dude, google it and see. most pills are required to have a number on it so its easy for cops to identify what it is. You might be able to read about it that way too
  13. dog = homie.. hahahaha
  14. the only thing close to xanax given to dogs is phenobarbital. and its not too fun. lol

    lol u just posted that. in that case if u wana get slow. go for it next time say dawg
  15. guys by sayin his dog he prolly means his friend i dont think dogs get depressed... actually they prolly do bein home alone all day :'(
  16. LMFAO @ this post
  17. Ok....

    Take the pill...

    Smoke the weed...

    And if you like having any memory of doing those two, DONT DRINK.

    I poped 5 xanex over a period of 2 hours last night at a football game....

    I rememer halftime...... after that its all blank:confused:

  18. lmao.

  19. How does that statement mean "homie"?? To me, that CLEARLY sounds like he's talking about his friend's animal companion. I say, make sure it's really xanax. I dont fuck with pills personally, but alcohol is never a good mix.
  20. xanax isn't for depression..

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