Quick Reply option not working on app

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forums App' started by crobin28, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Hello.

    When I try to respond to a post using my Samsung 8s+ via the quick response section at the bottom, it tells me my content could not be submitted and that it may be spam. It then tells me to try again later.

    Can't figure it out.

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  2. Please try not to include Links in your messages.
  3. No links. It still doesn't work.. :( I will just not use the quick response option.
  4. Mine does the exact same thing

    Excited noob grower
  5. If I try and type a reply at the bottom of the screen ii get told I’m spam and to try later. If I hit the little + symbol just left of the bottom chat box and type a reply it goes through no problem...

    Excited noob grower

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