Quick reply needed Is it time to flower?

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  1. Hi, This is my first grow and I cant decide if its time to flower. Im growing Nirvana Northern Lights. I have 2 plants and they are about 7-8 weeks old. 1 plant at its highest point is 20.5" from the soil and the other is 19.5". 
    They have been slow growing taller but are very bushy and were topped once also I tied back the 2 biggest branches that are not the main branches on each plant about a week ago to help inner growth.
    I transplanted them to 7 gallon pots 11 days ago because they were root bound in 3 gallon pots .
    For lights im using 23watt cfls in clamp lights and right now I have 20 cfls but once i switch to flower i have 4 more cfls in a clamp light to add to make a total of 552 watts of cfls. 
    I have the space for them to get to be 3' max and from what i have read they should only stretch 25%-50% especially since they have been growing so short and bushy so i was going to let them go a little more so they could get bigger but now im getting worried because i have also heard they can double so im thinking i should flower now.  Is it time to flower for max yield? I really would like 2 ounces a plant if thats possible. 
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  2. You can go to 12/12 on your lighting anytime from here on out. I use 5 gallon pot, veg 5 weeks flower from 8-12 weeks depending on strain.

    If i were you i would flower now. They look healthy. with enough light nutes and care, 2 zips per plants is possible. Its true, they will stretch but you should be able to train to fit your space limitation. Just remember the more light you can give the ladies the more youll yield in the long run.
    Best of luck and happy growing!

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  3. Thanks! I think i am going to put them into flower tonight

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