Quick recap of my long weekend

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  1. -saw a crackhead try to cross highway 97 and consequently run into the side of a minivan going 60k/h
    -beat the living shit out of a meth head after a guest told us he was outside swinging a screwdriver at guests
    -baked a ridiculously potent cake (10g herb to 125g butter)
    -got a beej from a milf from one of the rooms after smoking her up
    -almost got shanked by a drug dealer when I asked him to stop making drug deals in our parking lot
    -saw two crack-bitches fight over a bag of what I assume was crack

    all-in-all a solid weekend.

    I actually didn't plan on posting this because there isn't much substance to it seeing as how I didn't get sweet pictures 'nor have I written any of the stories out in full. Then this happened so I figure the two of them together are thread-worthy :p

    so I had just finished making beds and was on the 3rd floor when I saw the crackhead with the screwdriver from the weekend, she was across the highway in Polson Park. I was watching attentively cause I had nothing better to do while my dad was bringing up some new bedsheets when I see her run after a dude.

    she was beakin' off this skinny crackhead and then I see her rip off the dude's shirt and throw it in the creek. skinny crackhead didn't like this so he walked up to the crazy-crack-lady and started yelling some shit and out of nowhere ms. shit-disturber retaliates with a claw at his face.

    he screams and staggers back, crazy bitch grabs a rock and hurls it right at his dome. buddy falls back clutching his face and crackbitch keels over cracking out (crying).

    and now I just seen the two of them go to the house across the street from our motel to get more crack.

    wtf dudes.

    details available, just request'em.
  2. i want details on everything otherwise im calling bullshit....you start off by saying you saw fought a methhead with a screwdriver after you were told about him...then you later go on to say how you saw a crackhead with a screw driver....it just doesnt add up....
  3. wow does everyone have to call bullshit? I mean seriously this is suppose to be a chill spot to talk about drugs and experiences just let it be man.
  4. No no, Let "Mr. Dan Gleesac" Know it all tell us the rest of the story ;).
  5. Yea, he does have to call bullshit on it. I call bullshit, too.

    Sounds like some things thrown together to sound cool. This is REAL LIFE stories, not make up stories to sound cool and make your e-penis grow.
  6. Haha no worries I can understand some of you not believing this, I mean I would too if I was sheltered. It's okay though, my explanation should clear it up.

    To start, we own a motel in one of the shittiest parts of my city. When we moved here 5 years ago the people that owned it before us constantly rented out rooms to crackheads and prostitutes. My family changed this, in the first year I had 2 shanks pulled on me (one of them slicing my shoulder) and I threw a guy off the 2nd floor balcony. Another time I almost got stabbed with a needle before our handyman wacked the crackhead in the back with a hammer 5-6 times.

    Still don't believe me? Okay.

    I'll give you details, but you should learn to fucking read kid.

    The first 6 bullets are from the long weekend, ending on Monday. The story about the crackhead fight is from yesterday morning.

    I'll explain the bullets cause you're too slow to comprehend it. Seriously, most of you should have seen enough of my threads to know that I don't bullshit.

    -saw a crackhead try to cross highway 97 and consequently run into the side of a minivan going 60k/h

    Crackhead came to the front desk asking for a person named Penny Something and I couldn't help him. He then asked me where the nearest payphone is and I told him the directions (i.e., leave the front door, take a right, there's a pay phone around the corner of the street). Instead of following my directions he took a left and tried to cross the highway. He walked at the highway really fast and yelled "HEY!", presumably at traffic to get it to halt.

    He was shittered, he had to be to do this.

    I guess he thought traffic screached to a halt, which it definitely didn't, and he sprinted across the highway. He was just about to reach the highway median when a minivan went flying past him, he was leaning forward and FWAP. Face goes right into the side of the minivan, it knocks him sideways causing him to spin but he stumbles forward onto the median.

    The reason why the minivan was going 60k/h and not 90 like it should have is because there's an intersection about 200m from my house.

    He recuperates at the median and runs across the second half of the highway just fine. The minivan turns around to check up on him but he waves them on.

    -beat the living shit out of a meth head after a guest told us she was outside swinging a screwdriver at guests

    One of our guests complained that there was someone in the back parking lot drinking or doing drugs. I was in the bathroom at the time and the other person was busy running the front desk so she asked one of our long-term (16 years) tenants to walk back there and check. He came back and told us that a lady back there was insane and threatened to kill him.

    I went back there after I got out of the bathroom and I saw her and asked her to come to the front with me. We got to the front of the motel when I asked her to sit on the front steps until we finished dealing with the rush of customers so we could talk to her. I went back inside to help at the front desk when a new customer walked in and said there was someone outside swinging a screwdriver.

    Now, I can get very violent with crackheads but this was a female crackhead and we had a big rush. A) I didn't want to hit a girl and B) I didn't want to scare off potential customers.

    I asked the lady once to sit down and stop and she did for a minute or two but she was back up and this time she was stabbing at our vending machine. Well enough is enough, Laura, the lady working our front desk, told me to deal with it however I would deal with a normal crackhead. A couple of the potential customers were younger guys so they were pretty stoked.

    I grabbed my aluminum baseball bat and went outside. Before we get to this, I'm 5'10 200lbs and the lady was maybe 6'1 120lbs.

    Me: Give me that screwdriver and get off my property.
    Her: No.
    Me: Okay then just get off my property.
    Her: Back off, get away from me.
    Me: I'm not moving towards you, but if you don't leave I will have to make you leave.
    Her: FUCK YOU
    *this is where she snaps*

    She runs at me with her screwdriver, I hold my bat vertically by both ends to the left of my body. When she's near me, I side-step and swing as hard as I can to my right and the meat of the bat connects against her shoulder blade, violently swinging her up against the corner of our vending machine. She crumples into a heap and I immediately grab the screwdriver and take it inside.

    I grab the lady by the arm and take her to the sidewalk and tell her please not to come back. I went inside and the two dudes were just :eek:

    -baked a ridiculously potent cake (10g herb to 125g butter)
    Self explanatory, my parents were out of town for the weekend so I made some potent-as-fuck cake.

    -got a beej from a milf from one of the rooms after smoking her up

    A woman in her late 30s-early 40s checked in with her 3 kids on Friday evening. That evening I chit-chatted with her in the pool, she was with her kids. I didn't feel any mojo there, we just talked about random shit. That night she saw me on my way to the back parking lot to smoke and I saw the look in her eyes.

    I motioned a joint-toke to her to see if she was gonna come but she shook her head, I guessed she didn't smoke.

    The following night at about 11:00pm she called the front desk and said her cable didn't work. 11:00pm is right around when I normally take my night-time tokes so I threw a couple joints and a bowl in my pockets. Then I went up to check on her cable.

    *knock knock knock*
    Me: Hey, your cable was giving you difficulties?
    Her: Yep, come in.
    Me: Uhh.. I think the cables fine ma'am I think maybe someone had it on another mode?
    *she sits down right beside me*
    Her: Ya I didn't call you up for that..
    Me: O yea?
    Her: Ya well last night I wanted to come with you but the kids were up... but they dropped easily tonight.. so....
    Me: So you wanna puff?
    Her: :eek: .. yes
    Me: Nice, alright well this room's balcony has chairs to sit on..

    So we sat outside and smoked a joint and a bowl.

    Me: All seshed up huh:smoke:
    Her: ..uhhh huh.
    *I go to stand up and she puts her hand on my thigh*
    Her: In a rush?
    Me: OoOooOoo

    Then we made out for a few minutes and she sucked my cock on the balcony.

    Thanks to puffpuffpass714 for giving a ***** the benefit of the doubt. Fuck the haters, jealous because they got a boring life or hating for the sake of hating, either way that's not the kind of shit I come to GC for.

    I need to go shower, if you nigs still don't believe me I can type of the stories for the rest of the bullets.
  7. haha i believed u right away and now i believe you more. sounds like a great week.
  8. Sounds like your life is full of suprises......
  9. haha that is fuckin awesome! like a porno or somethin. fuck the haters! lol that's fuckin great
  10. You sir, have achieved greatness among the confines of the interweb.
    Really great story though. I wish I led such an exciting life.
  11. where the hell do youlive haha

  12. now i dont have to call bullshit....you need to chill man plenty of people lie their asses off trying to sound cool on the internet your long weekend just seemed a lil far-fetched....shit sounds real crazy and do where do you live at since you said the mini van was goin 60 k/h since we use miles in america? if you dont mind me asking of course
  13. I dont get how people ask other people to smoke weed so casually. I pass up so many opportunities to smoke with people or find dank hookups because I'm too afraid to bring up the topic of marijuana. I guess I should be more casual about it but the ONE time i brought it up to a random person i thought might smoke with me, they threatened to call the cops.

  14. First thing dude, sorry that I sounded so aggressive. I hadn't smoked yet and being doubted just rubbed me the wrong way. I can definitely see why you wouldn't believe what I said, a lot of the stuff that I go through at our motel is pretty wild. I've been called out before, one of the people that called me out was my best friend in university and this summer he came over for the long weekend and saw all of that. He's a believer now :D

    I'm from Canada, we use KM instead of M. You guys need to finally switch over, whenever I'm down in the states it takes me an hour or two to realize why traffic is moving so much faster than I am :smoking:

    It totally depends where you are mang. For the most part in BC you can go wherever you want and ask somebody, but there are still some cities where it's taboo and some cities where it's rude NOT to ask :D
  15. Another story

    Last year the people across the street turned their pad into a crackhouse. People from their house were constantly roaming onto our property. One night my dad was hammed and bro was at work, so I had to go shut the pool myself because mamz gasta stay at the front desk.

    Well I go down and put the umbrellas and what-not in the storage shed, but leave the shed open till I leave cause I still have to put the rain-cover for the pool-cover away.

    I put the pool-cover on and go to put the cover for the cover in the shed. I throw it in and realize the light is off, and I always leave the light on while I'm closing the pool. Keep in mind it's 11pm and this shed is the size of an extremely small closet because of all the shit in there. I turn the light on and see a raggedy young crackhead, probably like 6'2 180lbs.

    Me: Why are you in my shed?
    Him: What shed? This is my shed!
    Me: Uhh can you please get out of my shed?

    At this point I'm talking nice because he looks noticably bigger than me and honestly I just want to finish closing the pool so I can go for a cruise and smoke a blunt before I sleep.

    Him: I can't this is my shed
    Me: I'm gonna have to make you get out if you won't get out by yourself man.
    Him: You can't!!!!
    Me: Man, PLEASE. *take a step towards him*

    He charges at me, knocking me down. He jumps on top of me and starts raining blows on me/clawing at my face. The padlock for the pool door fell off the fence and was right by my head so I grabbed it putting my middle or index finger through the loop. One punch to his dome with that and he was off me.

    We're both on our feet and he pulls out a little knife. Now I'm fucked, I have no idea what to do. He runs at me, I run between both the sheds to the back parking lot so I have more space. I turn around and he's still running at me, but he's waving the knife around like a madman. I have nowhere to run so I try to time everything right, I'm also yelling for help at this time.

    He's maybe 2 feet from me, he jumps at my upper body with his knife. I go football-style and dig my shoulder right into his nutsack and lift up harder than I've ever done in my life. I ended up flipping him over me into the concrete wall by the highway. I started stomping his dome.

    After I escorted him off our property I went inside to see that I had a nice big gash on my shoulder from his knife.

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