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  1. Ok Completely new to this and read a couple threads so I have an idea and wanted to know what other people thought.

    I live in an apartment where there are people coming through and we don't have a traditional closet or anything that we can hide it in so here was the thought. I was thinking of making a double tall terrerium. Taking 2 10 gallon fish tanks and putting them together to make a large growing space. With lights on the top, a couple fans inside. and a nice black sheet to go over it and under a table for cover.

    Questions -

    Will this be an effective way of keeping the scent of the weed down or should I use some form of scent killer?

    Will this provide enough room for the plants to grow vertically?

    How many plants could I fit inside 2 or 3? or maybe 4?

    Details of the Terrerium -

    Base will have about an inch of gravel, covered by a 1/2 inch of active charcoal and then spangnum moss, and then 4-6" of dirt ( Dirt will either be a Miracle Grow Organic or Miracle Grow Moisture blend Good??). The charcoal keeps the water inside clean and fresh like in nature.

    thinking of using 2 CFL lights around the 100 watt spectrum for now, all sides will be blacked out so the light won't be dispersed.

    Fans - 2 Water proof 120mm computer fans ( this provide enough airflow? or should I upgrade?)

    I know I am a noob at this so probally only going to start with 2 plants to get my hands dirty and learn from a couple batches. Will this get me a good start and are there any recommendations to set me on the right path? :smoke:
  2. This flat-out won't work. To grow MJ you need a proper setup and place, and you don't have it.

    First off, people coming in and out and being an apartment are two big strikes against. You need to maintain stealth, and you can't in a high-traffic area. Apartments in an of themselves represent additional compromises and risks. You clearly have no idea how much growing ganja can stink, you need a carbon filter and proper ventilation through the grow space (which could be difficult to achieve with glass aquariums BTW). You will need way more light than that, which means more heat, which puts even more importance on proper ventilation.

    Bottom line: best to wait until you have your own, secure place to grow. In the mean time, read up -- everything you are asking is already covered in the beginners section, security section, indoor section, and grow box design section.

  3. good advice^^

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