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Discussion in 'General' started by Arsenic Inc., May 27, 2006.

  1. Alright, since it's obvious that I'm on probation, I'm barred from smoking or partaking in any of my favorite past times until they lower my piss testing from twice a week, to once.

    So here's my question: I used to take prescription Hydrocodone after my last dentist appointment and they knew, I had shown them my prescription bottle so if Opiates appeared in my DT, it'd be aight.

    I'm planning on going back again to get a tooth fixed n' shit and hopefully get some more hydrocodone.

    Those would show up on my DT, but be fine since is prescription, but would I be able to pop anything else such as Percocet, muscle relaxers, oxycotton, etc. and it show up as the same thing as the hydrocodone, or will I be fucked if I attempt it?
  2. you could. but the only thing that might fuck that up is if they took note of the mg of your perscription... and if your opiate levels show up way higher on the test they'll know you've been fucking around.
  3. Well, the ones I usually get prescribed are 500 - 750mg.
    I thought about that as well, but what is the chance of getting away with it if I told them I've taken more than one to ease the pain?

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