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  1. I have a small bagseed plant growing in a small cup under a desk lamp with a 150w flouro on it, about an inch or two away from the plant. The stem of my little guy isnt green, but it looks red, about 80 percent of it is red. Just wondering what that could be...im not to worried about the plant, but I want it to be healthy.
  2. Often times red or purple stems are a strain characteristic. If it is a baby seedling it is probably a little bit too young to get a nute deficiency. Providing your soil does not have nutes in it or time release fertilizer, it is probably just a strain thing.
  3. oh, i should probably tell you what kinda soil its in. I know scotts is bad for plants, cuz it has its own nutrients in it, but I got it anyway, cuz it was at my moms, and i didnt want to pay 3 bucks just to see if I could get the thing to grow, im cheap. I dont even have fertalizer. but hey, this was in some shwag...it wasnt really shwag, it was like...good shwag...pretty decent, but it was old, you could tell... So im thinkin, if I grow this, all the way through, ( Im going to keep growing it here at my apartment, then transport it over to my buddys when we get the lights. ), will I get some decent bud you think, if its fresh off the plant, dried and cured? Im just curious to see if a shwag seed, grown properly can make a decent smoke....
  4. Wait..your planning on getting 2 400w hps systems, yet you won't pay $3 for soil? I always use scott's potting soil, it doesn't have nutrients in it except for like .01 of phosphorus. I've grown over 20 plants in it, and they always grow fine. You should also pick up some perlite for drainage, it's about $3-$4 a bag. You can take any seeds and end up growing a great plant that's covered in triches. The only reason the weed was shwag when you got it, was because the grower didn't grow it right. I've grown bagseed that has turned out great. My first grow, i had some seeds from some very shitty shwag i got. The plant was covered in triches, and the buds had a sour citrus smell with a fairly sweet taste, and not one seed in all the bud.
  5. im waiting to get all the right stuff in a week or two, this was just a project for me to do untill i get all the stuff.

    nextly, how easy is it for someone to mess up and ruin a crop, or a plant?
  6. It's actually fairly hard to kill the plants..it's a weed. Just make sure you water it when it needs it, give it the proper lighting, and have the proper ventilation.

  7. Very sharp IndicaSativa, very good. Yeah dude hundreds of dollars for lights and you can't buy a descent bag of soil? I have a different opinion however on the Scott's, Shultz and Miricle Grow. Stay away from them all if you can. For the ultimate cheapskate (which I am) the extra 3 dollars of perilite to add to the aforementioned really pisses me off. Just buys some generic potting soil that already has the perilite added and you can get away with well below $7 for 40 Quarts (which will do well over 10 two gallon pots).
  8. This thread is making me look like a cheap ass. Im not cheap, i just didnt know what kinda soil to get at the time, and my mom had this stuff in her garage. no big deal. When i actually start investing a lot of money into this , then im going to go out and buy all the right stuff, im not gunna buy 2 400w hps bulbs, and put the seeds in miracle grow. dont worry.
  9. You just said in your last post that your cheap...

    In order to grow good, your going to need the proper equipment..simple as that. And that includes good soil and perlite for drainage.
  10. walmart general purpose potting soil. no fertilizers. 10 pound bags for 99 cents each. already has a little bit of perlite in it too. ;)

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