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  1. I've got a heat problem. I live in the south and its getting right at 100 everyday. I've got a small grow tent with 3 afghan Kush auto's but can't temps below 85. I've got a 200 cfm fan/carbon filter combo and 2 oscillating fans. Im running over 400 actual watts of cfl's. Outside the tent is 72. Is my fan not strong enough to exhaust the heat? Should I get an inline duct booster rated at 80 cfm to help things along? If I take off the carbon filter temps go down to 82 within a few minutes but then we have odor issues...my tent is in my closet so I don't know if my problem is not enough exhaust or do I need active intake?
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    Are you exhausting to the same room as your intake pulls from? Ideally, you should exhaust upward and to a different room/space.

    Are your temps 72 at the intake?

    Are you exhausting out of the top of the tent? Any 90+ degree angles in the ducting? How long is the ducting? Does your tent currently have negative pressure? Perhaps too much negative pressure i.e. Air circulation is not as good as it could be? Do you have air passing beneath the bulbs and out through the exhaust? Lots of questions :) pics will answer most of them if you can upload some.

    I had heat issues (mid 80s-low 90s) until I exhausted to the attic. If you can get to the attic (a 6" cut hole in your ceiling is easily repaired--especially if you take a clean, single cut), then check out my journal where I have pics showing my ventilation setup.
  3. Active intake would help for sure...
    But maybe as simple as adding Co2 which would correct your problem too...

    With Co2 temps can be in the mid to high 80s and that is normal...
  4. My temps at the intake is 70-72. I exhaust into my attic. Probably about 6-7 feet of ducting. I have one oscillating fan blowing on the plants and one blowing over the lights. Im not sure about negative pressure.....if I close tent the walls suck in. I don't close the tent anymore though bc now I have a fan blowing air into tent so the bottom 40% of the tent is open. If I close the tent my temps jump pretty quick.
  5. I don't get these heat issues with cfl's. I do have alot of them but still...I will post pics of my setup later. Im at work now. Here's a pic of one of my ladies. I've got 3 afghan Kush auto's going at the moment.

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  6. I have over 600 actual watts coming from CFL's and it's a bitch keeping those damn things cold. I finally said "fuck it" and ordered a 600w HPS that will be here Monday and I have a cool tube I'm attaching to it. In my situation if I'm pulling the same wattage and I do have cheap means to cool it I might as well go HID and get the extra lumens!

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