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  1. Can i use a white printer paper on the walls of my grow box in replacement of tin foil or spray paint? the box is 2 and a 1/2 feet tall and 19 inches wide/long.
    It is going to house 2 fifty watt cfls and 3 seedlings. i am growning the to around 1 - 1/2 feet tall then transplanting pots and moving them outside.
  2. Bump.... come on guys!
  3. You can use white paint...
  4. Better yet get air balloons cut them and you'll have mylar to cover the walls,better reflection than anything else...
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    This would work awesome...

    Cheap too! Grab a few from a dollar store or whatever.

  6. Like the helium filled bastards?
  7. Yeah man.

    Nice and shiny on the inside.
    Poke a hole suck the helium out. Lol

    Cut to size. And voila... Cheap mylar.
  8. If youre trying to go cheap tci with paint or the balloons...

    Paper all over you walls with HOT lights on most of the time?? Sounds like a fire hazard
  9. ight thanks guys. I had another idea. Could i use one of the survival blankets? i feel it would be easier to size because its already rectangle.
  10. I google'd what they were made out of and it said mylar, so i dont understand how that guys plants got fried. i will have proper ventilation etc.
  11. Emergency blankets can be used. If youre in a pinch.

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