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  1. I had acl (knee) surgery around two weeks ago and I was wondering if there were any negative effects of smoking after having surgery. I've smoked twice since surgery and after the first time, it swelled up a bit in the morning and it feels really hot when I smoke, but that might be because I'm really high.

    Has anyone gone through this before?
  2. I think youll be fine just dont overdue it.

    I find when im high I usually just focus more on my 'problem' and have it manifest into me freaking out that I have a huge 6in gash in my knee.

    MJ's pretty good at numbing though :smoke:
  3. ask a doctor. they wont lie to you and they arent the police, they just know all about the meds your on because they administered them to you
  4. I've had surgery on my knee (ACL) and, recently, my hand (2 broken fingers). TOKE UP!
  5. The reason it feels hot and swells is up is because smoking increases your heart rate, which means blood is pumping through your body faster than normal.

    That's no biggie. You should be fine.

    Plus, if you have post-surgery knee pains...

    Hello MMJ card :smoke:

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