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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cheeched_One, May 14, 2010.

  1. Basically my question is, after the plant has become big and ready to harvest, what do you do? I mean you can just cut all the bud off, but then the plant dies or what? I mean do you have to have a new plant for every harvest or can the same plant be used multiple times for many harvests?
  2. The same plant can be used. but i dont recomend it. something to do with stress or potencty or something. idk wait for someone whos kknows alot about it to come through and reply haha. but any who i was just givin you what i have heard :wave:
  3. Yeah because im confused.. if you take all the bud off.. logically the plant dies.. its not like the bud will regrow. Same with any other plant .. if you cut off the leaves and a big stem. It will probably die
  4. to make it reveg you got to leave a little bit of bud and some leaves on it
  5. do most people just replant a new plant every time?
  6. depends on how often one wants to harvest. On my next grow I plan to grow a couple mothers and use those to get clones. Starting from seed everytime takes too long imo
  7. yeah but I want to grow once, get a good harvest and call it quitsies. I dont have the time nor the place to grow them.

    Currently my grow operation is outside, in a place where no people go, lots of sunshine.
    I put good soil on the place where im growing, and a nice anti insect perimeter. Will post pics soon enough

  8. This never happens....

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