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Quick Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jamjam09, May 11, 2010.

  1. ok so i think i have a drug test on Sunday for a lifeguarding job. I smoke almost every weekend, and this past weekend I smoked some really strong chronic (its what we call good weed in our area). I am 6'1 and about 167 pounds. I swam for 4 years, so I think I have a high metabolism, and I have very little body fat. This week I plan on running 2 miles a day and drinking lots of water, do you think I will be able to pass?
  2. It is very possible but it doesn't seem likely from the information you've given. Some people can get THC out of their system in seven days but it seems you have less time than that. I would simply use the water method. All you need to do is drink a gallon of water before the test and you'll be urinating nothing but water.

    As far as running and drinking water goes, it works very well. But after every run you need to eat until you are going to explode. Eat whatever has the most calories for that is an important part in pushing out the current THC that lies within' your fat cells. Running also does this but much of it will remain unless you are able to intake enough calories to remove what is left. Even then you will have to run, eat, run eat, and repeat the process many, many times to become completely clean within' a few days.

    This is why we use the water method though. :)

    You can also get a water bottle cap, put bleach in it which will only be a sip considering the volume of a water bottle cap is small, and neatly wrap the cap in foil so that none of it will leak. When you are urinating for the test, simply take out the plastic or foil wrapped bottle cap and place it face up so that no bleach will fall once opened. After that you obviously dump it in the cup and everything in your urine is dead!
  3. ok thanks, ill just do the water method because I don't have any money for detox pills/drinks or fake urine lol
  4. Very welcome. I'm always happy to help.

    Well the bleach method also works like fake urine. I would say drink the bleach, as I've seen done every month for a year and it work, but that is dangerous. I would continue running for health and the fact that it will help the test. I just wanted to note that keeping your calorie count through the roof is also important.

    You don't want to do all this drinking, eating, and running for it to clear your system of everything but trace amounts. That would be all for nothing. So being safe and using one of the two methods I listed would be a very wise choice to make sure this doesn't happen.
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    Honestly? Drinking bleach? That's one of the worst ideas I've ever heard in my life. That is the perfect way to kill yourself and fuck up your intestines. Adding a drop or two of bleach will lower the PH, but they can easily test for adulterants (which bleach is) if it gets sent to a lab. Many at-home drug tests check for adulterants/bleach now and fail the test if they recognize any. Also, it could throw your pH out of wack so much that it will be obvious that your urine didn't naturally come from a human being. Your best bet is to drink a fairly large amount of water, not way too much though, and exercise your ass off. Just drink the most water directly before taking the test and until the test take a lot of Vitamin B supplements which will make your urine more yellow and appear more legit. Remember, THC is stored in fat, so the best way to get rid of THC is to get rid of that fat. Good luck!

    EDIT: Here's an article on the awful bleach idea.
  6. Drinking bleach works regardless of what Snopes says. I trust them completely but I don't think they went as far as to actually try it with this one. I was on probation for a year and got lab tested urine analysis every month for the whole year. I smoked weed the morning of the test, downed a sip of bleach, and passed the test everytime.

    There are still plenty of non-PH regulating tests as well. Regardless, I told him not to do that and didn't even suggest it. Please read more carefully before attacking someone falsely. My post was about a cap full of bleach being poured into the urine, not drinking it.
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    Well, the reason why it sounds like I am attacking is because you even brought that idea up in the first place. It was one of those things that was better left unsaid. I read exactly what you said and I view it as that bad of an idea to even bring up that I need to stress to OP that he shouldn't even think about doing it. Your lucky that you didn't fuck your throat/intestines up.

    Plus, who knows? OP might not be that lucky if he were to drink that shit. Either way, a cap full of bleach is definitely going to fuck up the pH to the point where a lab would know right off the bat that something is terribly wrong with his piss. If anything for bleach, maybe a drop or two. I've done the bleach thing twice with a large amount and a little amount for jobs and I failed both tests due to tampering so I'm just trying to have OP not fuck up. No hard feelings, but we simply have different opinions.

    EDIT: I really recommend the Vitamin B supplements for yellower urine and drinking a lot of water before the test in order to dilute it.

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