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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blazedkiwi, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. i need some help...ive germinated my seeds like it says in this forum...paper towels damp blah blah blah i followed it exactly and still nothing a few seeds cracked open and theres nothing in them and the rest just look wet...whats wrong this is the second germination and nothing is looking promising...also ive just accquired some good soil and i just planted 4 seeds in it and covered them with saranwrap is there nething else i should do? oh ya they are by a windowsill im thinking when they sprout ill put them under my flouro??? and suggestions???
  2. could be bunk seeds could be your impatient.... seeds could take up to a week long to show sighns of life, possibaly longer due to them being just old... i dunno man my best advise for you seeing that you clearly know how to use the search button :) is that u should just keep your fingers crossed. :D
  3. Keep them on the window until the sprout. Give them 3-5 days. Don't play or poke at your soil and keep the saran wrap on. After they sprout, take the wrap off and put them under the flours.

    Hope this helps. :)
  4. thnx guys for ur input...haha "search button" that comes up alot. i was wondering...whats the success percent on bagseed??? its pretty hard to get it right but like what do you think it is? im guessing pretty low since commercial growers don't care bout fully developed seeds but the bud they get to the blazers. 1 mo thing on 2 of the pots the saran wrap is too close to the dirt so when the seeds sprout they will soon touch...u said don't take off the wrap? what should i do?
  5. Bag seed is just as good as any seed you buy over the net. The only diffrence is, with the seed over the net, you know what you're buying and can grow weed based on your tastes.

    And if the saran wrap looks like it'll interfere with the sprout, then just take the wrap off and keep it off. The wrap just keeps in moisture, but isn't needed. Helpful, but not needed. So you'll be fine with taking it off.
  6. thnx for ur help ... keep on smokin...
  7. the seeds could be dead if you have any more try germinating them too and see if they germinate
  8. i have a lil tik tak thingy1/4 full of seeds they are all like...the brown black kind that everybody says are alive. those are the ones i germinate with but they all don't do shit...but ill germinate those too 1 mo question...whats the smallest container i can use to bring my plants to full maturity and then to harvest??? ive read that some guy had two plants both about 5'7" in a 3x4 inch container i don't know if thats true but i was wonderin cuz im not the richest around and i only can acquire containers that are about 6 inches

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