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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by -Blazen-, May 18, 2004.

  1. Now i own a 40 acre farm out in PA out in hicks ville if thats what u want to call it all there is, is omish people. now 20 acres of it is my own woods. Now there are no cops or anything no one is on my property at all but me and the family. Now i would be pretty safe then since no one is around since all it is around me is field after field after field. The chances of getting caught are like slim to none right?
  2. well if marijuana is a problem in your area cops could just go looking and still find it from a helicopter or something like that, also if you got a big mouth and tell everyone about it that could also be a problem so remember that
  3. Well not exactly. Don't ever take on the sense that you can't get caught because thats usually when you let your guard down or do something really stupid and end up getting busted. Anytime you plant pot there's always a chance it can be found so it's up to you to pick your spots when you plant and absolutely keep quite about it. I know it's exciting to go and see a plant full of beautiful buds and want to tell someone but thats usually a growers first mistake. Also, always be aware of whats going on around you when your tending and taking care of your new hobby. I too live on a farm and there are lots of places to plant. My favorite place is preferrably on someone elses land but thats not always the case. Some of these spots are old timber cut overs that are growing back up in weeds or abandoned fields that are growing up in weeds. Also around barns where weeds are taking over and old grown up logging roads as well as weedy ditch or canal banks. Another good place is at the edge of a crop field where there is a small break beween the crops and the woods. Sounds like you have a good set-up for growing but be aware and always be cautious when it comes to planting an illegal weed where it's not legal because if your not your asking for trouble. Good luck.

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