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  1. So i finally got a house for my self, not an apartment but an actual house in a nice neighborhood all to myself. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, i haven't been there yet to see it so i dont know the layout but i know theres 3 bedrooms and i only need 1. i was wondering which do you guys think would be better/easier to control and maintain. Should i buy a huge grow tent, like a 7foot by 7foot by 7foot, or should i just convert the room into a grow room by patching up windows and such? i plan to get carbon filters and everything to make this as safe as possible, i still havent decided on hydro or soil. i want to be able to control things as much as possible like humidity and temp and stuff like that. money doesnt matter because im i getting a job right now and im prepared to save up for a while, my lease also doesnt end for another 3 months so i have time to get some money together before i move into the house. what do you guys think? ill take any suggestions for what to do.
  2. Convert the hole top floor (three bedrooms and bathroom) into your grow area, and sleep on the sofa :D
  3. i'm in the same situation.. and use my spare bedroom as a grow room with a tent for flowering and an open veg area.
    i made a window box for my exhausts and black plastic on the rest of the windows. (curtains on outside and black plastic over the curtains).

    the first page or so of my grow journal have some pics of the setup

    GL man.

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