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Quick question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakehopt, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. When does someone consider themselves pretty seasoned in the herb?

    Like i've been smoking for about 6 months and from what I've read that's not a very long time, how do you consider yourself a veteran? I mean what's the turning point?

    Not that it's a big deal i was just wonderin
  2. I dont know...I guess when you've experienced just about all you can with weed
  3. hmm....i would have to say a veteran is somone who knows alot about weed and has been smoking for maybe aleast 3+ years
  4. I started smoking 6 years ago, and began researching on erowid/the internet around the same for all the info I could. My motto relating to drugs is never put substances in your body that you havn't extensively researched, and become knowledgable on.
  5. i'll make a list of things i feel a seasoned toker probably has experience in. feel free to add anything..just for fun:p

    -has smoked it all from mexican shwag to their very own homegrown.

    -knows the difference between indica and sativa highs and can appreciate the subtle differences in taste and smell.

    -can roll a quality joint/blunt with ease.

    -has made their own hash.
  6. I can't roll a joint for shit. Tremors from nerve damage like a mother fucker.
  7. Ive been smoking the herb daily for five years and I feel Im also pretty knowledgable about it. Would you consider me seasoned?
  8. I think that even if one hasnt smoked for YEARs if one is knowledgable about things and can speak responsibly he can consider himself/herself at least an amateur. Ive been smoking for 3 years and 2 months and even tho i havent smoked that much ive done a lot of shit rlly high and im more comfortable with myself high than i am sober. I am still learning tons everyday but i feel that i can give advice to people who smoke, even if theyve smoked longer
  9. I've been smoking for about three years and regularly about two. I don't think I'd consider myself a veteran but I do belive I'm pretty knowledgeable. smoked alot of different shit and been through alot of shit with weed so i don't know where i fall.
  10. When you can take multiple snaps a day of "dank weed"
  11. when you can't remember how long you've been smoking:smoking::smoking:

  12. when you can reasonably demonstrate:
    proficiency at overall smoking
    knowledge of the substance you combust
    knowledge of general smoking etiquette
    the ability to obtain marijuana in a short amount of time

    that'll get you out of noobie status. rolling/growing/hash making are all extremely useful, but thats a whole 'nother level.

    basically, if you have to ask, you probably aren't there yet.
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    When nobody can outsmoke you or know more about herb than you, that's a good sign you're getting there.

    If you truly love the plant, wish that more could appreciate it's beautiful power and wish that someday you can make your own addition to the gene pool, you're petty damn close.

    When you start passing knowledge down, only then are you a veteran. The whole point of a veteran is to secure the future. When you put yourself in harm's way to spread knowledge and legalize the herb, you're a Maverick and a HERO.
  14. Like vary said, you're a veteran when you're knowledgable enough to start passing down wisdom to lesser informed people who think they know what they're talking about.

    You gotta know your shit, be experienced, be open to new things..etc
  15. -I've rolled blunts
    -I've rolled joints
    -I've owned over $1500 in glass
    -I own a vaporizer
    -Support norml
    -I'm an advocate for MMJ
    -I know distinguishing characteristics about pot
    -I have basic growing knowledge
    -I've made hash

    I've been smoking for over 7 years now, and I still don't think I'm seasoned...

  16. This is exactly how i feel and always do this. :smoking::smoking:
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    i consider myself a seasoned toker because i know pretty much all there is to know about weed/bongs/pipes or whatever
    i also consider myself a seasond toker because
    i can roll joints pretty good
    i can roll blunts perfectly
    i have made hash
    i have grown
    i can get weed in under 5 minuts
    i can usualy get any type of weed i want beside strains because they dont come around too often
    i have smoked up first timers
    i go to hempfest every year
    have owned tons of glass
    have smoked out every way there is
    and i surf GC almost every day
    i can smoke in my room without getting caught, not that the parents care anyway
    ive smoked with my parents
    and i am very comfterble with myself when im high, i can go to court high and no one knows, ive been stoped while smoking blunts and not goten caught
    and i know what ozium is
    thats why i consider myself a seasond toker
  18. Idk. I feel like all the experiences like encounters with cops, meeting new people, sessions pretty much every day, and knowledge on the herb.

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