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Quick Question!!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pyrotec420, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. ight wen do i put my polants on 18/6 cycle??? after ive had it on 24/7 . how tall shouold it be before i change the cycle
    thanks alot
  2. both are veg cycles, you can just switch it to 18/6 when you feel like it...........Peace out........Sid
  3. not saying this makes a difference, but i noticed one. run your plants for 2 weeks 24/0 then switch the cycle to 18/6 for the rest of veg, then 12/12 for flowering.

    i noticed increased growth from the 24/0 switch to the 18/6. so go 18/6 for most of your veg. but again its up to you. :)

  4. i think this "increase" u speak of is a mix of 2 things.

    1, at the age of 2weeks the plants roots have become old enough and big enough to surport a fast growing plant and the growth spurt u noticed is normal regardless of light cycle.

    2, some streach from getting less light.

    if u had left the lights on 24/0 the growth increase wud of been gr8r than than that which u had but without streach.

    if u had started on 18/6 then swapped to 24/0 @ 2weeks the growth increace from relatively smaller plants wud of been even more impresive.

    longer growing time = more growth. mj does not need a rest @ night so 24/0 = fastest growth

    downside: plants raised on 24/0 can take longer to start to flower, this can b offset by giving the plants 36 hrs of dark at the start of the flowering cycle.
  5. makes sense to me, there was also other contributing factors, a replant into bigger pots, and a small bit of concentrated nitrogen.

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