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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Garcia76, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. What is a quick growing seed that will not smell to bad. thanks and yes i have searched.

  2. ditto
  3. to clarify top 44.....

    'Buds Like Fat Candles' Mau, one of the Nirvana breeders told me. This is one of the oldest commercial plants and has been doing the rounds of many a grow operation in Holland,Switzerland,Germany and the U.K. It will flower for only 44 days before harvest, does not grow too big and so is a good plant to grow if you have little space, but produces dense, solid, sweet tasting buds, a great plant for the new and old grower alike.

    -Seeds Direct
  4. thanks all ill go and take a look at seedsdirect and buy some topp44 but how tall does it grow im going for my first grow in my closet, which has plenty of room its a walk in so later all and long live the dead.
  5. its a short plant, little odor, quick grower and a middy type commercial buzz. Nothing special about the smoke, but it is a quick plant, that's why it has been around a while.

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