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Discussion in 'General' started by wildc@rd, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. I have a quick question for you folks (which by the by is of no real merit whatsoever, but I'm asking it anyway)

    Does anyone on the site have the clarity of thought and the proudness of mind to stand up and clearly make the following statement (and mean every word in doing so):

    "That I (insert your name) on no occasion whatsoever, whether it be on my own or any other computing device capable of connection to the internet have ever viewed or been involved in any way at all with the financial elephant that is now considered to be the mainstay and founding father of the popularity of internet communication -


    'Also known in descriptively simple terms as 'looking at pictures or video productions of good looking people fucking each others brains out' and getting paid for the privelidge.

    Me.... Myself, fuck, I couln't make this statement at all. Christ, I even had a hell of a time just managing to type this little thing out. For men and women to live without the mass production quality porn that flows like the life blood of the information Superhighway...

    Why that would be mad?

    Night folks.
  2. I have when I was like 14, but thats because I was just so damn horny and wasnt gettin any.

    I dont look at porn now, I havent for a while,

    I dont even jack off, I have a girl to take care of that for me, a very sexy beautiful girl.

    But maybe, just maybe if things dont work out with this girl and I cant find a replacement soon after, then I could possibly go back to jerkin it, god forbid that day
  3. I have never paid for porn. When I was 13 I could get porn through the strictest AOL filters that actually let you get to the internet. Those damn filters sucked. I could never get to regular sites with nothing bad on them, but with a little effort I could get porn and the anarchist's cookbook.
  4. hay, josh kelly, where are you from, if yer the josh i know we should smoke!!! like now!!!hope it is
  5. ahhh shit, i just read that you grow.....the other josh i knew wouldent.....ahhh shit, knew it was too good to be true

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