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  1. are seeds viable immediately after being taken off the plant?? and must pollen be froze/refrigerated, Thanks... Later on
  2. yes...seeds are ready to go.

    yes....you can and will wish to freeze pollen for later use. we use to collect in paper lunch bag. put bag in freezer bag. when we had females we wanted crossed w/pollen weld let thaw. then place bag over flowers we wished pollenated.

    as for gauges? im all soil. no gauges needed w/my soil and nutes. my ph stays 6.8 to 7 because i buffer it when i mix and my nutes are ph balanced. easy easy easy...good temps, good soil, good weed.
  3. Whats the best way to keep ur soil ph buffered?? use dolomite lime or is there other methods?
  4. add dolomite lime prior to planting 1 tabelspoon ger gallon of soil

    go for the wand, although I have the expensive Blue Labs, this maybe comparable, I bought that manufacturers ec meter last week waiting for delivery

    yes freeze that deisel pollen, sorry I thought I replied to that email

  5. that is what i do. only been doing it 15 yrs or so. always use pellitized. 1oz per dry liter of soil. a cup a gallon same thing. no nutes in mix. i like knowing what is going into my plants. so, i control it, but w/o getting all techy. it is after all a weed. when i started growing, and now to me, ph was/is a moot point. controlling it from the start imo.
  6. It matters not what you add to the soil, soil additives will aid "somewhat" in controlling PH, but, PH has NEVER been a moot point in botany,
  7. um postin some pics of my reveg and my seedlings. I have a few questions, first of all does the reveg look good, I have noticed that some of the leaves are turning yellow from the middle out. and the leaves also look gnarled like. I don't know if thats normal in a reveg or not. also my seedlings are getting yellowish cotyledons and the fans are rolling under.
    some specifics: the ph is at 6.5, they were watered two days ago, they were a touch overwatered last time, but usually I just give a few sprays with a water bottle. the reveg got 1/4th strength nutes with the last gallon of flush about 8 days ago (ph was off it needed flushed), so whats up with the ladies.. and the seedlings are shiva skunk (m-39) reveg is elvis diesel, soil is holland bulb booster planting mix N-P-K .027-.027-.018 thanx guys

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  8. I agree. That's the best method and option
  9. come on fellas a lil help here please
  10. those seedlings arent liking that soil, if the nitrogen type pre added to the soil is ammonical its the worst type of nitrogen ferts for seedlings ....can you check the bag for specifics

    the revegging plants leaves always get all gnarly;)
  11. Damn it ya know what, now that I think about it I never did use that soil from seed, it was always in a transplant after they were established. I'll check the bag 4 specifics in a minute
  12. The nitrogen composition is .006 AMMONIACAL nitrogen, .001 nitrate nitrogen, .020 urea nitrogen.... so its the damn soil...
  13. yeah J they didnt look happy
  14. When I transplant those seedlings do I need to get all the dirt off the roots. and how do I keep from shocking such a small plant. do ya just be careful and hope for the best because I don't keep superthrive.
  15. rinse the soil under the tap, seedlings are resilient in regards to transplanting
  16. Okay I bought new soil its scotts potting soil,and I just replanted am I guessing right that It'll take bout a week to show change w/the seedlings, and how long till u think I can clone the reveg plant.
  17. soon as a new stem is long enough to work with

    you may want to flush that soil first, thats made by Miracle Grow
  18. So what do you think, u think I should pitch the scotts also?? Have u had problems on the board w/ the scotts potting mix ? I know the MG history so now im nervous... did I put my seedlings originally in bad soil to transplant to almost as bad? is there a soil u recommend im not having luck with my soils. Hows about hyponex? Im putting down more beans should I use other soil? its been 2 days since the transplant. and they look just as bad, I klnow it will take a bit, but how long you think until I c a change?? I posted picks do u think any of the seedlings are to far gone to make it back?? also on the reveg there s spots on the leaVes I dunno what its from. how long do u think till I can clone my reveg, and does the reveg look a touch yellow to u? and I just watered before taking pics.(couple sprays not overwatered) later on Peace

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  19. just wait a bit and watch they arent brand new seedlings now and maybe can handle this soil

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