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Discussion in 'General' started by High I'm Chris, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Already on some xan but not much... im taking more later but i also got some oxycodone and know my limits on each individulally. But the question is if it's safe to mix decently large quantities of each. I'll probably be on at least 2 bars later, and have up to 60 mgs of oxy. I feel like I've done it before but probably only like 10 mgs of oxy. Anyone have any experience?
  2. It would probably be fun, but if it were me I'd probably wake up at a bus station 50 miles from my house wearing a dress.
  3. yeah i've had quite a few bad xan experiences as well... im just worried about how my body will like it. Not into overdosing on anything tonight been tooooo close.
  4. hate to bump but im bout to pop em so i hope someone has a good answer?? :hello: I think i'll be fine im only on 25 mg of oxy probably take 1 bar

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