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  1. will a plant continue to bud after every single fan and sugar leaf has yellowed and died? i'm feeding them every water now but i guess i starved all of them, either way all of their leaves are almost gone, tiny bit of green left on some of the leaves. trichomes are still clear. will she die before harvest in a week or two?
    here's one of the plants [​IMG]
  2. Mostly, the leaves turn yellow due to the deficiency of Nitrogen and ultimately they die. However, in the flowering stage, you need a lot of Phosphorous and Potassium and low N. Get a good NPK fertilizer and see if it works
  3. okay but if all the leaves die, can i still keep feeding and growing the buds? or will the plant die once all of her leaves are gone?
  4. Regenerating the same Cannabis plant can be done if your plant is mature. You have to cut down the 1/3rd uppermost part which consists of all stems, flowers and leaves in its all entirety while trimming the middle portion by leaving large fan leaves. If it hasn't, stop feeding your plant and try growing a new one with fresh seeds.
  5. I think youre misunderstanding his question. Hes asking if the plant is going to die because of all his leaves being gone.

    I believe it will still develop, but to me those buds look pretty close to harvest.

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