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  1. i have a 250w 6,500k cfl light im using to grow 2 plants indoors. I just lowered my plants because they looked like they were getting a lil close to the light bulb, they were about 1-1 1/5 feet away now there about 3 feet away. They look like there doing fine but im just wondering if that is to far from the light. My plants are still small btw like 3-4in tall
  2. CFL's are more effective at 2-3 inches away. The best trick is put the back of your hand at the top of your plant, if its to hot for your hand its to hot for the plants. If its not to hot for your hand but yet they are very close, your at a good height. 
  3. Its not a tiny house light its a huge cfl made for growing, my hand is warm from the bulb pretty far below the bulb. This is an older pic thats were i had my plants there lower now

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  4. This is what it looks like now

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    well as i said before, if its to hot for your hand its to hot for your plant. if its not hot at all for your hand light is to far away. 
  6. Kk thanks man, i moved them about a foot closer
  7. love your fear & loathing johnny depp picture by the way.
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