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  2. yes thatll work.

  3. Thanks mate.
  4. No it won't.. That bong is 18.8 fitting that a/c is a 14.5 fitting

  5. Are you sure??? Because it says "Joint Size: 18.8 mm/14.5 mm"
  6. it says, 14.5mm slitted diffuser adapter and a big 14.5mm funnel bowl.... maybe im mis understanding something

  7. Lol, I'm confused too, that's why I'm asking. I think it will work but I need to know to be safe ya know?
  8. :smoking:

    Haha that would fit. I was thinking you would use it without a downstem, that would make no sense.

    But if your from michigan I would go to a local headshop. For the money I'm sure you could get something better. If your close to Ann Arbor you can deff get good stuff for the money

  9. Lol, ok. I'm got two decent smoke shops near me The Road Show and Smokers Ally (if you're from Michigan too). I live in the Roseville area.
  10. Ah okay. I live in Ann Arbor. That's a drive for you but their is like 5 nice stores in a2. This site is legit, but I hate waiting so I would buy local. 42 degrees has a store in Plymouth and Waterford if a2 is too far. Smokers ally's ain't bad though .

  11. I see, I'll have to check that out next time I'm near Waterford.

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