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  1. I have 2 seeds, 1 60 Day Wonder, and other is White Cheese from Dinafem, all bought from attitude.

    Both germed.

    60 Day Wonder Planted: 1/14/13 - Sprouted: N/A - Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix
    White Cheese Planted: 1/15/13 - Sprouted: 1/18/13 - Miracle Gro® 8qt Seed Starting Mix

    I understand it can take about 10 days for a seed to sprout, what day do you think is good to call it quits and move onto another strain?

    I was thinking after 10, I should scrap it.

  2. Miracle gro soil isn't good for cannabis. Get another soil, Foxfarm Ocean Forest and Roots Organic are quality bagged soils.

    Keep the soil warm and moist to aid the process. Water the soil thoroughly until you see water seep through the drainage holes before planting to get rid of air pockets. Placing a baggie over the container will keep moisture in

    If they don't sprout in the next 3-5 days they most likely won't sprout

  3. Yes, I am aware that MG isnt a good soil, but I couldn't order FFOS in time to start this grow, so I had to use what I have.

    Alright, so after day 10, I will throw it out.

  4. Oops though you were on day 10 today. I'd wait until day 14-16 to be safe. Next time be sure to save your genetics for when you have quality soil

  5. I made a 150+ Seed order from attitude last fall, in my current situation I just wanted to grow something on my months off, which is why I just did a small 60 day wonder freeby.
  6. Holy shit.. must of been a nice chunk of change. Sounds like you have enough genetics and some :p
  7. Next time I would recommended starting in rapid rooters or peat pucks. With a heat mat it helps to speed germination and sprouting. It also gives the root system a little bit of a head start before going in soil. This is a definite advantage if your using coarse compacted soil like mg.

    I would give them two weeks. Keep them warm and damp.

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