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Quick question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Onamic99, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Ok well, id say im far from N 'apprentice toker' but i dont think the 'seasond tokers' would want this there, so im on probation right now and i get off the 27th... My plan is to buy a qaurter the 21st for as cheap as i can (prolly 75) and get a nice piece, i really want a vape like the MFLB or a PAX by Ploom, but my budget is pretty small after I buy that qaud. So, a coupke questions.

    1) How long would a qaurter (7.5 grams) last you after a 6 month tolerence break.

    2) Should I just buy a pack of papers until I can afford a MFLB or Pax?

    3) Should I just buy a nice pipe or bong instead of a vape?

    MFLB is around 100, Pax is about 250 I think, I'll have 75 bucks after I buy the qaurter and another 2 weeks until I get paid after I buy the qaud
  2. If I were you I would probably buy the MFLB and a eighth. If you've been on a 6 month t break a quarter will last you quite awhile.
  3. Yo

    1. Isn't a quarter 8g's? (28g's an ounce/4=8)
    2. Anywho, just you at about half a g per session is about 16 sessions. 4 times a week=4 weeks. Depends on how much you toke up, I've gone through a half in a sitting before
    3. I think vapes are overrated. instead of forking up 250 big ones for a fancy star trek gaget, just go to your head shop and pick up a bowl for 20.

    Don't waste all your money on accessories, the supply is more important. Ive made that mistake before.

  4. 7.5 grams could last you anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, depending on how much you smoke. Vaporizers of course would lengthen that time frame, but I think you should get some papers for now and next payday get yourself a bong. Way funner than a vape imo. Especially ones with percs.

  5. a quarter is 7 grams. 7 x 4 = 28

  6. A quarter is 7 grams.

  7. 8 times 4 is 32 bro :p
  8. heheheh sorry guys, ive been at it for about 4 hours. forgive meh :)

  9. good lord im never gonna hear the end of it :devious::smoke:
  10. #10 Onamic99, Aug 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2012
    So, im thinking about buying a box of papers (20 packs) and picking up an oz of mids for 50 i'd be set for a while until my tolerence starts to kick back in, but by then ill have enough money for a bong and a good vape

    Edit: Even though its from Detroit its not the downtown browns, its light green, orange hairs smells kushy, but is nowhere near the shit I could get for 75 for the qaud

    Damnit I fucked my post up, drunk ass me. Lemme add what I just deleted

  11. remember: quality>quantity

  12. True, I think I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have 27 days to decide so, with that I'll make a good decision
  13. i bet you're fucking excited tho huh? 6 months of no smoking? Shit. That's a LONG ass time.

  14. Hell yea brotha, its like im a new man in a couple weeks. Im going to be soaring with the eagles

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