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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pinkbear, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. when do the buds pack on the most weight? currently on day 34 flower and i have 70 day strains . chem d (sour d x og kush) and Blue lights (northern lights x blue dream). im not having any problems just wondering when they really start getting big. iv read the last 2-3 weeks you can see your buds almost double in size? this true?
  2. yes your right m8, most strains pack the weight on in the last couple of weeks, thats why its so important not to chop early, people that do that are seriously effecting the final yield, they not only pack the weight on but they get dense,
  3. fuck then holy shit im going to have some fat buds. check out my grow ha. one plant has already 6 inch buds on every branch. only half way done
  4. ive already checked your grow out m8 and commented on your yield thread, there looking nice and i can see a great harvest coming your way. are they still only under a 250 and couple cfl? :hello:
  5. i changed out one of the cfls to a 26w uvb light. suppose to make the crystals go nuts
  6. yes ive been tempted to give the uv bulbs a try, apparently the plants produce alot more crystals to protect its self, sort of like us putting sun cream on, let me know how it works.
  7. only been in there for 3 days. have to rotate plants thow. so both have gotten 1 full day. cant see anything yet
  8. From my expierience with indica dominants they put on the most weight between weeks 5 and 8. Late 7th, early 8th they stop plumping and begin maturing

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