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Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by Ganjazues, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. I was planning on building a greenhouse 10x12x8 ( SF bay area) for this up coming winter. I know during winter time, ill have about 11 hours of light. I was thinking of supplementing the green house with LED lights to keep my plants in veg for 6 hours. What is the minimum wattage I need to keep my plants in Veg? does it even matter? I want to use the least amount of light, I just need my plants to stay in veg and not flower. Thanks for any help.
  2. You don't need a crazy amount of light to keep them in veg but if you want to I have been using around 100w / plant. I know they're not exactly the same but I'm doing the same as you and using a T5HO to supplement light 200watts right now for 3 babies will be adding in 2 2blub t8s as well later on as the plants grow more and 3 23w cfls
  3. @Ganjazues
    About 3 times more then a full moon is all that's needed to hold them in veg. A 100 watt incandescent is enough.
    70 lumen solar walk light did ok at keeping this set in veg.
  4. I doesn't take much light at all. This is my stealth lighting so I don't draw too much attention from over the fence. Just before sundown I lower the buckets, how far I can lower them depends on how large the plants have gotten. Even as the plants grow larger, the lighting shows very dimly, and I am using 150w cfl's. (42 actual watts used) They are plugged into a timer 'on at 1am / 'off at 3am just to break up the 12 hour dark cycle. Never had a hermy unless I mistook it for a male early on during sexing.
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  5. Nice! Looking really good yeah I got some going right now. I like your set up very creative! Looking at more supplemental lighting 8 CREE 3500k CXB3950s 36v running at 1400ma thinking about making my own bar need more light penetration for flowering starting to kinda nerd out on my plants but I love it!

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