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  1. whats the difference between fox farms ocean forest and fox farms light warrior?

    Background: Ive got 3 plants in 6" pots and id like to transplant them into big buckets today but i just realized i dont have enough Ocean forest soil left, i MIGHT have enough for 2 but not 3. My preferred garden center is closed (sunday) and fox farms is scarce around here, even calling around, people tell me to go to my closed garden center.... lol.... anyhow, i got a line on a center that carries, it, unfortunately he says he is out of oceans forest, but has light warrior.

    should i use what ive got and make up the rest with the new light warrior? should i get the light warrior and just use that instead of mixing it with the oceans forest? If i do that, what ratio should i mix pearlite? should i wait till tuesday to get to my preffered garden center to keep using oceans forest?

    help? lol
  2. http://www.foxfarmfertilizer.com/faqfox-soilgrow.html

  3. I think you should do two ocean forest and one light warrior. then you'll have a little experiment. . . if they were all the same clones
  4. actually i finally found a garden shop that stocked FFOF and was not closed, AND had it in stock.... lol... unfortunately i paid a bit extra for that special occasion of events.... $22 for the big bag
  5. If you do decide to buy both, the perfect combination i've found was:
    60% FFOF, 40% Light Warrior, 10% Perlite
    My plants love it!

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