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    So i was looking around and found these bulbs and i was wondering..can i use them to grow weed ? And if yes, how many bulbs do i need of this type ?

    I'm looking forward to grow only 1-2 plants

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. No sir!! No good for growing weed..

    Lets just say they were.. the amount of bubls and work to get light to all parts of the plant is not worth it.. i grew my first plant with bulbs (the right bulbs) and was highly disappointed in the end and i spent alot on bulbs when i couldve just gotten a $45 china blurple of ebay that did 100x’s better than the bubls did..

    Theirs cheap lights thatll get the job done for you.. just have to look around

    Ull spend alot more in bublbs believe me

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  3. I see..so you recommend growing with LED ? I've seen some full spectrum LED lights which are blue and purple color..are these recommended ?
  4. He's right mate I've tried the cfl rout they do tally up the £££ n by that time you could've got a 250 hps off ebay can grab a 600 hps from around 60 probs even cheaper now leds are taking over... shop about buy second hand n get a new bulb it'll still work out cheaper than buying individual cfl/leds I use hps the bulbs are 15 quid for a 600 cheaper than 6 cfls n ya gonna need more than 6 to get anything worth while back good luck for the future growing best of luck...

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  5. Not highly recomended by most but they definitely eill get the job done.. a 300w blurple will give u about 110w real growing watts for about $45usd..

    Again not highly recommended but will grow u nice weed..

    If u want whats recommended by most ull have to look into qb lighting which will run u atleast $150 for 1 light atleast.. but this lights performance is untouchable and will grow you the best weed ever in the world (pro grow lights)..

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  6. 4 cfl bulbs for growing cost about $20 a pack youll need atleast ATLEAST (the lowest) is 3 packs..

    That already exceeds what a cheap led china blurple costs and wont do nothing near the same job..

    At that rate ur half way to a “prolight” just buying bulbs only..

    Whats your budget.. itll be easier to guide u in the correct direction.. were not here to judge were here to help..

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  7. Well, my budget is medium to high but that's not the point..i need lights that can only grow 1-2 plants from seed to harvest. I won't be using different room(s) for vegging and different for flowering..So what light is recommended for growing only 1-2 plants? LED, CFL, HPS or w/e?

    Also i don't care about the electricity bill at all.
  8. Go led.. 1 qb96 v2elite engine will cover 2 plants easily and is suited for the entire grow with its added reds that come built in for flowering nice buds..

    Link to light!! QB96 Elite V2 Engine

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  9. Leds ya way forward if ya haven't got a budget mate I'd love to go led I'd save a fuckin fortune on lecky hps suck lecky up like there's no tomorrow lol there's a new Mars panel something 2000 just been released I'd recommend that

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  10. Mars Hr 2000 or something similar

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  11. Tsl 2000 lol sorry for all the replies

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    Florescents aren't nearly the best.
    On the other hand, if you like them...
    I think I did surprisingly well with a four foot, eight bank, T5 tube fixture... and a floor fan.
    Nothing like what the 'set-ups' produce, but...
    Good enough for you?
  13. Picking jaw up right now

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  14. No fuckin shit OMG man. I think this one said 12 ounces

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  15. Im now vegging under 250w cfl

    20190531_134922.jpg 20190531_134927.jpg

    And a mainline...

    20190531_134955.jpg 20190531_223933.jpg 20190531_223952.jpg
  16. Beginners' luck?
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  17. Haha my beginners luck was to grow something even worth smoking lol

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  18. wtf.. that looks crazy

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