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  1. Hi, i recently planted 2 MK seeds in Scott's Premium potting soil 7.1.3 and it says it feeds for up to 4 months. Anyways they never sprouted and its been about a week im pretty sure i killed them somehow i believe it was the soil. Can someone verify this so i dont plant anything else and kill more innocent weed?
  2. Did you germinate?

    Put the seeds in between two pieces of damp paper towels. Put the paper towels in a tupperware container in a dark place for a few days. Check everyday for the tap roots. Tap roots are little white tails coming out of the seed. Once you see the tap roots, gently with tweezers stick the seed root down about 1/2'' the soil. Cover lightly with a bit of soil and wait.

    Hope this helped.
  3. it is also better to use soil that doesn't have nutrients already in it. that is just way too much nutrients for a little seedling. try looking for an organic soil with some perlite and vermiculite in it. your seeds will sprout better in that.
  4. Oh my fault, forgot to include that i did germinate. I got a pretty good grasp on this growing thing i've been researching for years off and on but i just blanked out with the soil. So basically i should get organic soil with little to no nutrients at all? See i knew this.. dunno why i still ended up buying this stupid soil.. i feel dumb
    anyways thanks for the help!
  5. The nutes fried that little baby.:(

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