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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dmon420, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey there GC :smoking: I just have a quick question...I topped a few of my plants about a week ago ( they were about a week into flowering at the time) and one of them grew into the light and burnt the little top bud so i topped it again right between where the 2 bud spots were forming from the original top and i could see down the whole stem of the plant.... Is this plant dead for sure? or is it going to be fine???????
  2. i think it will be okay. mj is very resilient. ive harvested a mature top bud on occasion when the rest of the buds werent ready yet and the plant did fine.

    good luck with your grow!
  3. When I read things about topping, they say to never top in flowering. Taking off a mature bud is different from topping in early flowering.

    I'm not really sure why topping in flowering is bad, but you may have found out...
  4. You are fine ;) Hollow stems are a good thing, usually means a stronger THC in the plant. According to a few breeder tips, solid stems are more hemp-worthy plants, hollow are for smoking :smoke:

    Topping in flowering isn't a bad thing really (I do it), but it can cause buds to grow into each other and cause some mold if you're not careful or top it late when the stretching slows. I don't recommend it unless it's for pruning purposes.

    Hope this helps!

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