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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by LegitDankz, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. So today I'll be making a few batches of qwiso! However, I have a few questions I was unsure of, and couldn't find them in any other topic so I fig'd I'd ask...

    A. When ISO washing your grinder, do you still filter the liquid through unbleached coffe filters and strainers? Or is that not for kief, only for buds, stems, shake....?

    B. To increase potency, but not quantity could I use the same ISO a few times before filtering, and pouring it in a pryex? Like if I plan on doing a wash to a bunch of stems, vaped bud, two grinders( over a year of kief in them!) actual grinded up chron.... Should I put it all in one jar, and just do multiple washes? Or should I do each one individually? If I do them individually, can I reuse the same ISO to get maximum THC content, OR will it not wash the THC off after it has allready been used once or twice? For example, if I use a bit of ISO for the chron, can I re use the ISO for the grinder, and then the vaped bud? And then strain it all, or individually, with new ISO each time?

    Sorry for the questions. Thanks in advanced to anyone willing to answer!

  2. If you want it to be completely pure you should. There are still bud particles and whatnot in your grinder. I would definitely strain it.

    Your best off to not re-use your alcohol. The longer it is in contact with bud the more chlorophyll and other nasty impurities leach into it.

  3. Thats perfect! Thank you so much man, I'll rep you some ghost reps!

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