Quick Question- Independent Online News Sources?

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    Looking for online websites that provide genuine news. 
    I desperately want to know what's going on in the world, but I don't want to turn to corporations like the ABCs or CNNs/FOXs of the world.
    I know this is the place to go; these blades are the type of people that would know. 
    Something that is like InfoWars.com, but isn't so "bold."
    Basically a news source that is honest/reputable, but one that has articles where the intention isn't always to come out with so many angry, paranoid, or inflictive titles. I mean it can, surely, but just not always...
    I'm a brash, Libertarian pothead if that helps with any direction. My mom also says I'm good-looking. Just thought I should throw that one in there.
    Let me know, I really appreciate it! 

  2. Newspaper...A lot of 'em have websites now.
    Can't tell me that poor lot is bias. :cool:
  3. PBS. Usually mostly just news and not so much partisan chewing. Of course conservatives think PBS has some liberal agend because it is funded and regulated by government.
  4. I forgot PBS existed. I'll take a look into that. 
    I'm not interested in newspapers or magazines either. Unless they are free, online, reputable, and not owned (or "directed") by a cooperative machine. 
    They are reputable...But I see where this is going, so, have fun finding one that fits your criteria. :cool:
  6. I've yet to find a cable or tv news source that isn't biased. Some, like Fox News and MSNBC blatantly bend the news in favor of their respective, favorite political partys' agendas. I scout around, from RT to the Corbett Report - pretty wide range there! lol But for just timely news of the day, Reuters, AP, USA Today, etc.
    And those aren't really neutral either. That's because true objectivity is impossible. But the subjective, shit for brains editorializing that passes for journalism these days is laughable. Predictable, too. If you want to hear some miracles from the Messiah, turn to MSNBC. If you want to prove that the President is actually Satan, try Fox.
  7. No, I don't care for cable. I think you're missing the point.
    I'm actually looking for random online sites. I just don't know of any. If I google for it, the first couple that pop up are like "conspiracy" sites.
    I know my criteria is out there in the hundreds, and it doesn't necessarily have to be in the United states; I just don't have a means of searching for them. I was assuming some people already have their "go-to-real" news sources. Maybe that Storm Crow would know...
  8. drudge report, world net daily. Hope these help man.
  9. 4chan has breaking news sometimes
  10. Pretty much what I'm looking for. Thanks! 
  11. Check out vice.com

    Pretty good shit actually. A lot of things that are going on in the world are reported on, there is a weed section.

    Some of my favorite documentaries from vice are.

    This is what winning looks like. (An objective look at our situation in the middle east)

    Welcom to north korea. (A mindblowing documentary about NK)

    Any of the weed related shows.

    Lots of good shit.

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  12. Oh hell yeah. I love Vice! I watch their youtube videos all the time when I'm stoned. 
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    I gave up on real news and now I pretty much only read The Onion. It didn't seem to matter where I got my news from because it always left me stressed out in some way or just pissed at the low standards of journalism these days. I find it refreshing to get away from anything serious and only read satirical news like The Onion. The less I focus on global events and politics, the better my own life seems to become :smoking:
    Edit: Every now and then I listen to "All Things Considered" on NPR. But if you aren't into radio that won't really do you much good since it seems you are after internet stuff.
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    There's no such thing as genuine news. Everything has a slant. PBS I guarantee has a slant that's more in favor of the government than not. BBC is also publicly funded and it's highly dishonest. If your goal is just to keep informed with the world's events, just skim news.google.com 
    If you want something "like" infowars but not as retarded try reddit.com/r/wikileaks
    You said you're a libertarian, check out http://reason.com/
  15. Of course there is slant. I'm perfectly fine with slant, and it's to be expected. It's up to the user to be able to discern and form their own opinions based on discussion and evidence. It just depends on the angel the slant is at.
    All the responses were great. I will likely experiment with a couple until I feel I can narrow it down to one I would prefer to consistently look up on a daily basis. Thanks again, happy tokin'.  :smoking:
  16. Always found Aljazeera to be one of the more interesting news channels here in the UK.
    The Guardian newspaper is also my choice of daily news.
  17. I make a pretty aggressive news circuit, starting with the major networks. Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, and news.com.au. This last one is Australian, but often reports on international events that don't make the front pages of the other major news sites. By cross-referencing all of them, aware of their biases, I feel like I get a more accurate picture of the day's events.
    Then I'll browse whatever alternative site I'm a fan of, like Alternet. I stopped visiting a lot of them because most are American-centric and of less interest to me. Now I spend most of my time on Vice and more recently, The Young Turks.
    But when in doubt, there's always my local rag. Who are quite well known for their... interesting headlines.

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  18. PrisonPlanet.tv. teehee 😜

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