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  1. ive been searching on gc for a lil while now and i cant exactly find how to change the ph level of your soil, i have no idea as what to use anybody know?

    im going to the store to buy the ph tester and the things the higher and lower the ph here in a few i just to know what it is i need to get.

    any help would be appreciated
  2. i was pretty sure all you do is adjust the balance of the water you're going to give them to be what you want and test the runoff water to see if you need to go lower or higher. There are products specifically called "pH Up" and "pH Down" that you can use to adjust pH.

    but i'm a hydro guy myself.
  3. im pretty sure you dont change it by the water i had the same problem once when i used multi purpose compost. it turned out to be too acidic what i did was go to a garden center and ask for there help anyway they gave me something which i cant remember amino salts or something like that. i will tell you for sure tomorrow its in the shed and its dark and cold out there at the moment. it worked thou and the plant was fine except for it was male. good luck
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    The preferred method for changing the pH of potted soil is by changing the pH of the liquid (water and nutrients) watered in.

    There are "home additives" that can work, but its much easier to simply buy "Up" and "Down" from a hyrdo supplier.
  5. alright i just went with what the guy at the garden center told me i thought ph up and down was just for hydroponics. anyway all the best

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