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Quick question, (Gatorade bong)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by shawnbabz, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, first I'd like to welcome myself :)
    So, tonight (In about an hour) I'm sneaking out to go meet up with a few of my friends. We wanted to try something new so I made a gatorade bong. It has no wholes or anything, except the hole for my mouth / where the pen goes, and then tin foil on the top to light it. How would you go about taking some rips from it? What are your experiences. Thanks.

  2. Dear beavis and butthead,
      Thank you so much for welcoming yourself to GC!! That takes tremendous pressure off of us oldtimers to have to welcome you.
      Anyway, the pen and foil- when smoked- will make your brain cells pop like popcorn. I would advise a socket instead of foil.
      Good luck to you virgin boys!
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    All good minus the tin foil. That shit is unhealthy and you will end up smoking aluminum which is pretty bad for the ole lungs.
    If you want something that will kick your ass get a 1 gallon Deer Park water bottle and stick a metal bowl or a socket in the bottom. I used that back in the day before I got a bong.
    I still have a pic of it, I called it the milk tank (El Tank De Léche as I often called it) because when it was full of smoke it looked like a gallon of milk. You can modify the design to include water but I wanted it dry. I used gorilla glue to seal the bowl, just an old metal bowl, into the bottom. I used some plastic tubing for a mouth piece, also sealed with gorilla glue, and when I wanted to clear it I would unscrew the cap on top.
  4. Don't use a pen. Use a piece of garden hose.
    Foil should be a last resort. Use a socket as the other guy said or buy a conepiece from a tobacconist.
    I used to carve conepieces out of apple with my pocket knife. They were good for like 2-3 hits then I'd have to make another.
    The holes in the bong should be air-tight so when you make one for the stem piece, burn a small hole then quickly shove the stem in so that the plastic hardens on it. I usually burn an extra small hole for a carb.
  5. i smoked a wilfred bong from age 15-18 and i still do sometimes. and i mean i took literally tens of thousands of hits out of that thing, i mean i changed the bottle but still. 
    ok if you dont know what a wilfred bong is, its just a gatorade bottle bong done right. look it up or watch the first episode, and make that. the best one i made before i just bought an actual metal bowl was a trumpet mouthpiece that fit perfectly into this tube that i diffused so i could even pull the bowl, it was fuckin sick, but my mom got pissed and threw it out one time. i would still use that shit if i had it. 
    ok and no tin foil, what the fuck you tryna do smoke black? and even junkies wouldnt ever inhale off the burning side of the foil and they would burn it thoroughly first. its just not fuckin good for you. no the actual metal itself wont burn if its actual tin foil but its coated in vegetable oil and chemicals to make it shiny and shit. and since theyre oils they are fucking horrible for your lungs. and theyre toxic chemicals and inhaling vegetable oil is toxic im pretty damn sure. 
    just fuckin find a ratchet head thing or something thats metal and clean that fucker and burn it to make sure theres no fumes coming off. chewing gum is a great non toxic seal. honestly dude just dont smoke until you can use an actual piece or some papers. we were all young and retarded once, i mean the first time i was gonna smoke i almost made a bong bowl out of a plastic soda cap. 
    oh and make a gravity bong, look up how to do it, but for the bowl use a ratchet head in the top and just seal it with chewing gum. dont be a crackhead and make some sketchy toxic foil shit, kids have died from smoking plastic by accident. you dont need to get high that badly (yet)
  6. Hahahaha holy shit this had me in tears!!!
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    Just make one of these. Don't use tin foil. Use a socket ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413124520.704028.jpg

    Happy toking!

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