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  1. Quick question it may look obvious but I was just wanting to make sure before I get myself excited! Are these seeds on my bud? They look like unnoticed seeds and I was just wondering from any one more experienced if they are or not! And if so, do I just let her flower longer if I want to be able to replant these seeds? And how long will they be good for? Like how Lon can I keep them before I plant them? And as well, how do I know it's matured.. When they are brown?? Or do they fall off??

    Thanks guys the faster the responds the better!:)

    Happy growing !:)

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  2. Yea thats a seed. I keep them alive 8 weeks after I hand pollinate. about all you can do is harvest when you want, be a little late and get a few mature seeds to grow.
    Im going to feminize some seed this grow I have now.

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